Skiing Trauma And Safety: Fifth International Symposium

    Johnson Robert, Mote C.
    Published: 1985

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    Discusses the biomechanics of skiing and skiing injuries; the relationship of skies, ski boots, and ski release bindings to injuries; cross-country skiing injuries; epidemiology of alpine skin injuries; cold injuries; injury treatment; rescue and first aid practices and equipment; and standards for safety.

    Table of Contents

    Johnson R., Mote C.

    Johnson R., Mote C.

    ASTM Committee F-27 on Snow Skiing
    Bahniuk E., Hulse W.

    The Work of the IAS in Skiing Safety
    Asang E.

    Activities of the TÜV Bayern Regarding Skiing Safety
    Hauser W., Wittmann G.

    Prevention of Ski Accidents in Switzerland
    Bally A.

    Effects of Standards on Ski Bindings and Safety
    Ettlinger C.

    Frontal Diameter of the Tibia Head: A Comparison of Results from Computed Tomography and Anthropometric Measurements
    Bodem F., Menke W., Schild H.

    Torsion of the Lower Extremity and Surface Electromyogram Measurements
    Gutierrez M., Kuo C., Louie J., Mote C.

    A Laboratory for Biomechanical Analysis of the Traumatology of Ski Falls
    Bodem F., Casel J., Menke W.

    Control of Torsion and Bending of the Lower Extremity During Skiing
    Kuo C., Louie J., Mote C.

    Pressure-Induced Pain in the Foot and Leg
    Johnson R., Medoff H., Pope M., Rosen J.

    Mechanics of the Turning Snow Ski
    Lieu D., Mote C.

    The Evolution of Knee Injuries in Ski Accidents
    Buló J., Figueras J., Llobet M., Merino J., Morgenstern R.

    Basic Mechanics of Boot/Skier Interaction
    Asang E., Hauser W., Schattner R.

    Influence of Ski Boot Design on Skiing Safety and Skiing Performance
    Asang E., Hauser W., Schaff P.

    On-Slope Testing of an Instrumented Alpine Ski Boot
    Johnson R., Medoff H., Pierce J., Pope M.

    Optimal Ski Boot Stiffness for the Prevention of Boot-Top Fracture
    Hubbard M., Lyle C.

    A Device for Measuring the Influence of Ski Boot Design on the Pressure Distribution in the Lower Leg
    Asang E., Hauser W., Schattner R., Velho F.

    More Safety in Skiing Through Training the Personnel of the Sport Shops
    Nagel A., Reuleaux M.

    Comparison of the BfU and IAS Binding Adjustment Systems for Recreational Skiers
    Ekeland A., Lund &.

    Binding Adjustment and Binding Release for Alpine Ski Racers
    Ekeland A., Lund &.

    A Method for Improvement of Retention Characteristics in Alpine Ski Bindings
    Brown C., Ettlinger C.

    A Survey of Actively Controlled (Electronic) Snow Ski Bindings
    Hull M.

    Field Testing of a Microcomputer-Controlled Snow Ski Binding
    Hull M., MacGregor D.

    Use of Statistics in Identifying Problems in Ski Injury Research
    Shealy J.

    Injury and Race Completion Rates in Alpine Competitions
    Ekeland A., Holm A.

    Overall Analysis of NSAA/ASTM Data on Skiing Injuries for 1978 Through 1981
    Shealy J.

    A One-Year Study of Alpine Ski Injuries in Hemsedal, Norway
    Lystad H.

    Attempts to Reduce the Incidence of Skiing Injuries in Sweden
    Danielsson K., Eriksson E., Jonsson E., Lind E., Lundkvist S.

    Injury Risk in Alpine Skiing
    Asang E., Hauser W., Müller B.

    Death in Downhill Skiing
    Shealy J.

    Collision Injuries in Downhill Skiing
    Jenkins R., Johnson R., Pope M.

    Injuries from T-Bar Ski Lifts
    Balkfors B., Engkvist O., Hellquist E., Lindsjö U.

    Head Injuries in Alpine Skiing
    Balkfors B., Engkvist O., Hellquist E., Lindsjö U.

    Thumbs Up: The Changing Pattern of Ski Injuries
    Crane H., Young L.

    Shoulder Dislocations Resulting from Ski Injuries
    Berrehail M., Binet M., Montillet B., Terrenoir F., Tissier B.

    Cross-Country Skiing Injuries
    Boyle J., Brady M., Johnson R., Pierce J., Pope M.

    A Comparison of Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing Injuries
    Shealy J.

    Future Developments in Cross-Country Skiing Equipment
    Ekström H.

    Infrared Thermal Imaging and Skiing Safety
    Roberts C.

    Field Treatment of Hypothermia
    Bowman W.

    Accidental Hypothermia and its Treatment in the Field
    Crombie N.

    Comparative Calorimetric Measurements of Chemical Heat Packs
    Ambach W., Ennemoser O., Flora G.


    Committee: F27

    DOI: 10.1520/STP860-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-6832-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6833-6

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