Fatigue at Low Temperatures

    Stephens RI

    Pages: 323

    Published: 1985

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    Contains basic and applied research results on the fatigue behavior of materials subjects to low temperature, both cryogenic and noncryogenic. Divided into two sections:
    • mechanisms and materials properties
    • spectrum loading, structures, and applications.

    Table of Contents

    Stephens R.





    Stephens R.

    Midrange Fatigue Crack Growth Data Correlations for Structural Alloys at Room and Cryogenic Temperatures
    Cheng Y., Tobler R.

    Cyclic Softening and Hardening of Austenitic Steels at Low Temperatures
    Fujita T., Kishimoto Y., Namura N., Shibata K.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in a Nitrogen-Strengthened High-Manganese Steel at Cryogenic Temperatures
    Morris J., Ogawa R.

    Effect of Low Temperature on Apparent Fatigue Threshold Stress Intensity Factors
    Esaklul K., Gerberich W., Yu W.

    Correlation of the Parameters of Fatigue Crack Growth with Plastic Zone Size and Fracture Micromechanisms in Vacuum and at Low Temperatures
    Grinberg N., Serdyuk V., Verkin B.

    Low-Temperature Fatigue Crack Propagation in a β-Titanium Alloy
    Beevers C., Gerberich W., Jata K.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation of 25Mn-5Cr-1Ni Austenitic Steel at Low Temperatures
    Jin Z., Maekawa I., Nishida S., Tanabe Y., Yokobori T.

    Constant-Amplitude Fatigue Behavior of Five Carbon or Low-Alloy Cast Steels at Room Temperature and −45°C
    Chung J., Fatemi A., Lee H., Lee S., Stephens R., Vacas-Oleas C.

    Fiberglass Epoxy Laminate Fatigue Properties at 300 and 20 K
    Bailey W., Boyce D., Toth J.

    Computerized Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures: Technique and Results
    Attaar M., Liaw P., Logsdon W.

    Effect of Warm Prestressing on Fatigue Crack Growth Curves at Low Temperatures
    Bussiba A., Katz Y., Mathias H.

    Effect of Low Temperature on Fatigue and Fracture Properties of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn(ELI) for Use in Engine Components
    Ryder J., Witzell W.

    Effect of Temperature on the Fatigue and Fracture Properties of 7475-T761 Aluminum
    Cox J., Langenbeck S., Pettit D.

    Low Temperature and Loading Frequency Effects on Crack Growth and Fracture Toughness of 2024 and 7475 Aluminum
    Abelkis P., Harmon M., Hayman E., Mackay T., Orlando J.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Mild Steel Weldments at Low Temperatures
    Kitsunai Y.

    Variable-Amplitude Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth of Five Carbon or Low-Alloy Cast Steels at Room and Low Climatic Temperatures
    Fatemi A., Lee H., Lee S., Stephens R., Vacas-Oleas C., Wang C.


    Committee: E08

    Paper ID: STP857-EB

    DOI: 10.1520/STP857-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4924-3

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-0411-2

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