Multiaxial Fatigue

    Miller KJ, Brown MW
    Published: 1985

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    Combines international schools of thought on the behavior of materials subjected to multiaxial fatigue. Gives designers simplified methods of analysis that are applicable to practical situations involving complex street cycling. Shows that significant progress has been made in predicating finite fatigue life behavior, namely, that induction of stresses on two or three axes in fatigue experiments provides valuable information on the micro mechanisms of fatigue crack formation and growth and the uses and limitations of multiaxial correlation factors.

    Table of Contents

    Brown M., Miller K.

    Brown M., Miller K.

    On the Definition of Planes of Maximum Shear Strain
    Fuchs H.

    Requirements of a New Multiaxial Fatigue Testing Facility
    Fernando U., Found M., Miller K.

    A Fatigue Test System for a Notched Shaft in Combined Bending and Torsion
    Downing S., Galliart D.

    Multiaxial Fatigue Testing Machine for Polymers
    Lawrence C.

    The Use of Anisotropic Yield Surfaces in Cyclic Plasticity
    Adkin P., Harvey S., Toor A.

    Transient and Stable Deformation Behavior Under Cyclic Nonproportional Loading
    McDowell D., Socie D.

    Crack Separation Energy Rates for Inclined Cracks in a Biaxial Stress Field of an Elastic-Plastic Material
    Kfouri A., Miller K.

    Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth in a High-Strength Ductile Steel Subject to In-Plane Biaxial Loading
    Pascoe K., Smith E.

    Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Under Biaxial Stress at Room and Elevated Temperature
    Brown M., Miller K.

    Effect of Local Stress Biaxiality on the Behavior of Fatigue Crack Growth Test Specimens
    Radon J., Rhodes D.

    ΔK-Dependency of Fatigue Growth of Single and Mixed Mode Cracks Under Biaxial Stress
    Kitagawa H., Tanabe M., Tohgo K., Yuuki R.

    Growth of Fatigue Cracks Under Combined Mode I and Mode II Loads
    Alagok N., Brown M., Hua G., Miller K.

    Mode III Fatigue Crack Growth Under Combined Torsional and Axial Loading
    McClintock F., Nayeb-Hashemi H., Ritchie R., Tschegg E.

    Fatigue Crack Path Behavior Under Polymodal Fatigue
    d'Hondt H., Hourlier F., Pineau A., Truchon M.

    Comments on Fatigue Crack Growth Under Mixed Modes I and III and Pure Mode III Loading
    Pook L.

    Smooth Specimen Fatigue Lives and Microcrack Growth Modes in Torsion
    Hurd N., Irving P.

    Crack Initiation Under Low-Cycle Multiaxial Fatigue
    Hourlier F., Jacquelin B., Pineau A.

    Effect of Local Stress State on the Growth of Short Cracks
    Ahmad J., Kanninen M., Leis B.

    The Role of Fretting in the Initiation and Early Growth of Fatigue Cracks in Turbo-Generator Materials
    Lindley T., Nix K.

    Fatigue of Steel Wire Under Combined Tensile and Shear Loading Conditions
    Aernoudt E., Notohardjono B., Verpoest I.

    A Review of the Multiaxial Fatigue Testing of Fiber Reinforced Plastics
    Found M.

    Biaxial Fatigue of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin
    Radon J., Wachnicki C.

    Effect of Biaxial Loads on the Static and Fatigue Properties of Composite Materials
    Jones D., Liebowitz H., Poulose P.

    Designing for High-Cycle Biaxial Fatigue Using Surface Strain Records
    McDiarmid D.

    Biaxial/Torsional Fatigue of Turbine-Generator Rotor Steels
    Adams S., Gonyea D., Klufas O., Placek R., Williams R.

    Biaxial Fatigue of Inconel 718 Including Mean Stress Effects
    Dittmer D., Socie D., Waill L.

    Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of a 1045 Steel in Torsion
    Leese G., Morrow J.

    Fatigue Life Estimates for a Simple Notched Component Under Biaxial Loading
    Fash J., McDowell D., Socie D.

    Fatigue Life Predictions for a Notched Shaft in Combined Bending and Torsion
    Nelson D., Tipton S.

    A Criterion for Fully Reversed Out-of-Phase Torsion and Bending
    Lee S.

    Fatigue Under Severe Nonproportional Loading
    Brown M., Jordan E., Miller K.

    Fatigue Behavior of Cyclically Softening and Hardening Steels Under Multiaxial Elastic-Plastic Deformation
    Grubisic V., Sonsino C.

    Fatigue Under Out-of-Phase Biaxial Stresses of Different Frequencies
    McDiarmid D.

    Effect of Changing Principal Stress Axes on Low-Cycle Fatigue Life in Various Strain Wave Shapes at Elevated Temperature
    Hamada N., Ohnami M., Sakane M.

    Biaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue of Cr-Mo-V Steel at 538°C By Use of Triaxiality Factors
    Johnson R., Marloff R., Wilson W.

    Creep and Ageing Interactions in Biaxial Fatigue of Type 316 Stainless Steel
    Brown M., Kandil F., Miller K.

    A Metallographic Study of Multiaxial Creep-Fatigue Behavior in 316 Stainless Steel
    Brown M., de los Rios E., Kandil F., Miller K.

    Damage Growth Under Nonproportional Loading
    Hayhurst D., Leckie F., McDowell D.

    The Determination and Interpretation of Thermally Promoted Crack Initiation and Growth Data and Its Correlation with Current Uniaxial Design Data
    Charlesworth F., Marsh D.


    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP853-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4921-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0444-0

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