Semiconductor Processing

    Gupta DC
    Published: 1984

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    This volume addresses the problems in semiconductor technology that arise from rapid increase in device complexity and performance, the emergence of integrated systems-on-a-chip, automated factories, and silicon foundries. The book's theme is that the realization of acceptable yields and reliability will require greater manufacturing discipline from starting materials to finished devices. 51 papers cover crystal growth and epitaxial depositing, control of contaminants, material characterization defects, interconnection technology, ion implantation, and special processing techniques.

    Table of Contents

    Gupta D.

    The Impact of Standards on Semiconductor Quality and Manufacturing Efficiency
    Murray Bullis W.

    Process and Device Modeling for VLSI Structures
    Plummer J.

    Effect of Process Conditions on Autodoping in Silicon Epitaxy
    Chang H.

    An Intrinsic Gettering Process to Improve Minority Carrier Lifetimes in Mos and Bipolar Silicon Epitaxial Technology
    Borland J., Dalrymple T., Kuo M., Roberts B., Schindler R., Shibley J.

    Control of Gain Variations in Shallow Junction Ion Implanted Bipolar Transistors Caused by Planar Channelling
    Bazley D.

    Ion Implantation for Deep (> 100 μm) Buried Layers
    Bräunig D., Fahrner W., Knoll M., Laschinski J.

    A Study of Strain in Ion Implanted Silicon
    Sakamoto K., Sasaki M.

    Dry Etching Using NF3/Ar and NF3/He Plasmas
    Barkanic J., Golja B., Hoff A., Stach J.

    Edge-Controlled, Self-Consistent Proximity Effect Corrections
    Berkowitz H., Cook C., Goodreau W., Kwiatkowski J.

    The Effect of Wafer Flatness on Yield by Off-Line Computer Simulation of the Photolithographic Process
    Denes L.

    Forms of Contamination Affecting Device Processing
    Rapa A.

    Problems Associated with Submicrometre Contaminant Measurement
    Lieberman A.

    Point-Of-Use Ultrafiltration of Deionized Rinse Water and Effects on Microelectronics Device Quality
    Gaudet P.

    The Effects of Wafer Thermal History on the 450°C Thermal Donor Formation in Cz- Grown P(100) Silicon
    Borland J.

    Interaction Between Point Defects and Oxygen in Silicon
    Baginski T., Heck D., Kenney D., Monkowski J., Tressler R.

    Effects of Oxygen on Process-Induced Defects and Gettering in Cz-Silicon
    Swaroop R.

    Precipitation Behavior of Deposited Metals in Cz-Silicon
    Endo K., Murai K., Shimanuki Y., Suga H.

    Evaluation of Gettering Efficiency of Backside Damage by the Use of the “Haze” Test
    Domenici M., Ferrero G., Malinverni P.

    Extrinsic Gettering Via the Controlled Introduction of Misfit Dislocations
    Davis R., Kim H., Rozgonyi G., Salih A.

    The Effect of Si-SiO2 Interface on the Excess Point Defect Distribution in Silicon
    Kim C., Shin Y.

    Fracture Tracing in Semiconductor Wafers
    Dyer L.

    A Preferential Etch for Silicon Crystals
    Yang K.

    Oxygen Determination in Silicon Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
    Schulte B., Shive L.

    A Study of the Spatial Distribution of the Oxygen Content in Silicon Wafers Using an Infrared Transmission Microscope
    Krishnan K., Kuehl D.

    Influence of Electrically Active Impurities on IR Measurements of Interstitial Oxygen in Silicon
    Weeks S.

    The Effects of Instrumental Artifacts on the Quantitative Determination of Oxygen in Silicon by Ftir
    Baghdadi A.

    Simultaneous Determination of the Boron and Phosphorus Content in Silicate Glasses by FT-IR Spectroscopy
    Krishnan K.

    A Method to Determine the Initial Phosphorus and Boron Concentrations in Float-Zoned Polysilicon Rods
    Chiou H.

    The Effects of RF Electromagnetic Radiation on Spreading Resistance Measurements
    Mazur R.

    Dopant Profiling in Silicon
    Pawlik M.

    Comparison of Depth Profiling 10B in Silicon Using Spreading Resistance Profiling, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, and Neutron Depth Profiling
    Downing R., Ehrstein J., Fleming R., Simons D., Stallard B.

    The Ball Bond Shear Test: Its Methodology and Application
    Charles H., Clatterbaugh G., Weiner J.

    The Annealing and Low Temperature Aging Characteristics of Fine Diameter Wire Produced from Dilute Aluminum Alloys
    Hebert D.

    Capacitive Microphone Tuning of Ultrasonic/Thermosonic Bonders
    Loofbourrow W.

    A Comparative Study of the Mechanical Properties of Bonding Wire
    Hannula S., Li C., Wanagel J.

    New Applications of Tape Bonding for High Lead Count Devices
    Marshall J., Sheppard R.

    Bumped Tape Processing and Application
    Lindberg F.

    Production and Development of Neutron Transmutation Doped Silicon
    Herzer H.

    Production of Detector-Grade Silicon by Neutron Transmutation Doping
    Ammon W., Kemmer J.

    Neutron Transmutation Doping in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
    Hamanaka H., Iwamura K., Kim C., Kuriyama K., Minomura S., Shiraishi F., Tsuji K., Yahagi M.

    Effects of Hydrogen on Defects in Neutron Irradiated Silicon
    Du Y., Meng X., Zhang Y.

    Neutron Transmutation Doping of Semi-Insulating Czochralskigrown GaAs
    Hart R., Hunter A., Marsh O., Winston H., Young M.

    Ion Channeling Study of Damage in Neutron Transmutation Doped Semiconductors: Application to GaAs
    Iwamura K., Kim C., Kuriyama K., Satoh M., Shiraishi F., Yahagi M.

    A New Silicon Irradiation Facility in the Pluto Mtr at Harwell
    Baxter J., Crick N.

    Equalization of Axial Neutron Flux Density for the Transmutation Doping of Silicon in a Heavy Water Reactor
    Andresen K., Heydorn K., Nonbøl E.

    Potential for Large-Diameter NTD Silicon Production in the Advanced Test Reactor
    Herring J., Korenke R.

    Advanced Test Reactor Ntd Silicon Production Hardware
    Schell M.



    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP850-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4915-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0403-7

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