Effects of Defects in Composite Materials

    Wilkins DJ

    Pages: 281

    Published: 1984

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    Discusses the effects of defects on strength, stiffness, stability, and service life of composite material. 14 papers discuss the observation and measurement of defect location and size; experimental evidence of consequences of defect; analytical models for predicting defect behavior; and observations of failure surfaces influenced by defects.

    Table of Contents

    Wilkins D.

    Fracture Toughness and Impact Characteristics of a Hybrid System: Glass-Fiber/Sand/Polyester
    Joneja S., Newaz G.

    Characterization and Analysis of Damage Mechanisms in Tension-Tension Fatigue of Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Jamison R., Reifsnider K., Schulte K., Stinchcomb W.

    Stress Distributions in Damaged Composites
    Batdorf S., Ghaffarian R.

    Influence of Prescribed Delaminations on Stiffness-Controlled Behavior of Composite Laminates
    Haag R., Reddy A., Rehfield L.

    Characterizing the Effect of Delamination Defect by Mode I Delamination Test
    Benzeggagh M., de Charentenay F., Harry J., Prel Y.

    Materials Characterization for Matrix-Dominated Failure Modes
    Browning C., Whitney J.

    Mixed-Mode Strain-Energy-Release Rate Effects on Edge Delamination of Composites
    O'Brien T.

    A Mixed-Mode Fracture Analysis of (±25/90n)s Graphite/Epoxy Composite Laminates
    Law G.

    Criticality of Disbonds in Laminated Composites
    Blake R., Chatterjee S., Pipes R.

    Strain-Energy Release Rate Analysis of Cyclic Delamination Growth in Compressively Loaded Laminates
    Whitcomb J.

    Effect of Fatigue-Induced Defects on the Residual Response of Composite Laminates
    Highsmith A., Reifsnider K., Stinchcomb W.

    A Model for Predicting Thermal and Elastic Constants of Wrinkled Regions in Composite Materials
    Jortner J.

    A Micromechanical Fracture Mechanics Analysis of a Fiber Composite Laminate Containing a Defect
    Ahmad J., Kanninen M., Papaspyropoulos V.

    Influence of Ply Cracks on Fracture Strength of Graphite/Epoxy Laminates at 76 K
    Kriz R.


    Committee: D30

    Paper ID: STP836-EB

    DOI: 10.1520/STP836-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4902-1

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-0218-7

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