Fractography of Ceramic and Metal Failures

    Mecholsky JJ, Powell SR
    Published: 1984

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    The Symposium on Fractography in Failure Analysis of Ceramics and Metals, sponsored by ASTM Committee E24 on Fracture Testing, was held at ASTM Headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 29-30 April 1982. J. J. Mecholsky, Jr., Sandia National Laboratories, and S. R. Powell, Jr., Bell Helicopter Company, served as symposium chairmen. This volume, Fractography of Ceramic and Metal Failures, has been edited by Messrs. Mecholsky and Powell.

    Table of Contents

    Mecholsky J., Powell S.

    Panel Reports

    Mecholsky J., Powell S.

    Ceramic Fracture Features, Observations, Mechanisms, and Uses
    Rice R.

    Markings on Crack Surfaces of Brittle Materials: A Suggested Unified Nomenclature
    Frechette V.

    Fracture Mist Region in a Soda-Lime-Silica Float Glass
    Ball M., Bradt R., Landini D.

    Fractography of Slow Fracture in Glass
    Michalske T.

    Chemical Analysis of Fracture Surfaces
    Kelso J., Pantano C.

    Scanning Electron Microscopy Techniques and Their Application to Failure Analysis of Brittle Materials
    Healey J., Mecholsky J.

    Fractographic Analysis of Biaxial Failure in Ceramics
    Mecholsky J., Rice R.

    Fractography of Metalized Ceramic Substrates
    Phillips G.

    Analysis of Failures Associated with Intergranular Fracture
    McCartney R., Pellegrino J.

    Topographic Examination of Fracture Surfaces in Fibrous-Cleavage Transition Behavior
    Irwin G., Kobayashi T., Zhang X.

    Some New Fractographic Features in the Fatigue of High-Strength Aerospace Alloys
    Cina B., Eldror I., Kaatz T.

    An Examination of Cleaning Techniques for Post-Failure Analysis
    Hertzberg R., Vecchio R.

    Use of “Marker Blocks” As An Aid in Quantitative Fractography in Full-Scale Aircraft Fatigue Testing: A Case Study
    Dainty R.

    Fractographic Observations of Fatigue Crack Growth in a High-Strength Steel
    Cheruvu N.

    Fractographic Analysis of the Primary Oil Pump Shaft Fracture from a Steam Turbine
    Swaminathan V.

    Fractographic Analysis of a Steam Turbine Disk Failure
    Burghard H., McCann D.

    Failure Analysis of a Hydraulic Turbine Shaft
    Nguyên-Duy P.

    Fractography of Metal Matrix Composites
    Finello D., Marcus H., Park Y., Schmerling M.


    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP827-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4896-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0215-6

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