Stationary Gas Turbine Alternative Fuels

    DeCorso SM, Clark JS
    Published: 1983

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    This publication serves to assess the state of the art of alternative liquid and gaseous fuels for stationary gas turbine as well as providing a technical database of properties of alternative fuels specifications activities.

    Table of Contents

    SM D.

    Clark J.

    Survey of Gas Turbine Synthetic Liquid Fuels
    Amero R., DeCorso S., Thomas R.

    Literature Survey of the Properties of Synthetic Fuels Derived from Coal
    Flores F.

    Gas Turbine Fuel Processing Costs and On-Site Cleanup Options
    Dunning J.

    Fuel Property Effects on the Performance of a Small Industrial Gas Turbine Engine
    Caan W., Haasis J., Williams R.

    Performance of SRC-II Fuels in Gas Turbine Combustors
    Mellor A., Tong E.

    Effect of Fuel Properties on Ignition and Combustion Limits in Gas Turbine Combustors
    Kretschmer D., Odgers J.

    Future Distillate Fuel Trends in Canada and Some Preliminary Gas Turbine Test Results on Tar Sand Products
    Glew C., Grimsey R., Whyte R.

    Properties of Synthetic Fuels Evaluated for Combustion Turbines
    Ambrose M., Cohn A., Mulik P., Streed C.

    Effect of Sodium and Potassium on the Hot Corrosion of Gas Turbines
    Doering H., Grzybowski D., Haskell R.

    Corrosion of Fuel Handling System Materials by Coal-Derived Liquid Fuels
    Doering H., Haskell R., Michelfelder T.

    Synthetic Fuels for Stationary Gas Turbines: A California Perspective
    Anderson S., Jackson M., Smith K.

    Distillate Fuels from Nonpetroleum Sources
    White E.

    Coal Gasification for Stationary Gas Turbine Applications
    Bair W., Fleming D., Goyal A.

    A Projection of Coal Gas Properties Considered from the Viewpoint of a Coal Gas Combined-Cycle Plant
    Marlow J., Pavel J., Vidt E.

    Properties of Low-Btu Coal Gas and Its Combustion Products
    Doering H., Kimura G., Smith D.

    Sulfur Measurement in Liquid and Gaseous Alternative Fuels
    Kimbell C.

    Characterization of Ash Residues from a Refuse-Derived Fuel/Oil Combustion Study
    Hasselriis F., Robbins C.

    Heating Values of Natural Gas and Its Components: Conversion of Values to Measurement Bases and Calculation of Mixtures
    Armstrong G., Jobe T.

    Measurement Techniques for Fuel Stability Characterization
    Cummings A., Hsu S., Pei P.


    Committee: D02

    DOI: 10.1520/STP809-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4875-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0258-3

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