Silicon Processing

    Gupta DC
    Published: 1983

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    The 38 papers that comprise this book's contents emphasize day-to-day problems in silicon processing from its simplest use through advanced and emerging applications to very large scale integration circuits. The problem areas and standardization needs identified in the papers presented will provide feedback to the research community concerning the future growth of the industry.

    Table of Contents

    Gupta D.

    Silicon Crystal Growth and Processing Technology: A Review
    Bonora A.

    Large-Diameter Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth
    Hill D., Lin W.

    Impurity Incorporation in Czochralski Silicon Grown for VLSI
    Murgai A.

    Dependence of Silicon Float-Zone Refining Parameters on Frequency
    Gregory R., Gupta K.

    Influence of Laser Marking on Silicon Wafer Properties
    Christ M., Maurantonio B.

    A Review of Optical Lithographic Techniques for VLSI
    Doane D.

    Resist Profile Quality and Linewidth Control
    Neureuther A.

    Considerations of Resist Processing
    Bowden M., Frackoviak J.

    Epitaxy: An Introspective Review
    Williams J.

    Modeling and Applications of Silicon Epitaxy
    Srinivasan G.

    Effects of Processing Parameters on Shallow Surface Depressions During Silicon Epitaxial Deposition
    Boydston M., Gruber G., Gupta D.

    Improvement in MOS VLSI Device Characteristics Built on Epitaxial Silicon
    Linder P., Mohan Rao G., White L., Zivitz M.

    Reduced-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Polycrystalline Silicon
    Hammond M.

    Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon and Silicon-Containing Films
    Hess D.

    Process Technology Requirements for VLSIC Fabrication
    Kumar R., Nowak M., Tyler E., Vinson M.

    Defects and High-Pressure Steam Oxidation of Silicon
    Katz L.

    Hydrogen/Chlorine Distributions in Silicon Dioxide: Detection and Model
    Monkowski J., Monkowski M., Stach J., Tsong I.

    Dependence of Thin-Gate Oxide Properties on Processing
    Lai S.

    Polyimide-Substrate Effects During Wet Chemical Processing of Polyimide Films in VLSI
    Belton D., Morgan A., van Pelt P.

    Modeling Anomalous Junction Formation in Silicon by the Codiffusion of Implanted Arsenic with Phosphorus
    Fair R., Meyer W.

    Silicon Crystals for VLSI Technologies
    Jastrzebski L.

    Material Defect Factors Affecting MOS Device Performance
    Matlock J.

    Oxygen Precipitation Studies at Various Impurity Levels Using Thermal Donor Activation
    Allison J., Domenici M., Maxwell O., Schindler R.

    Effects of Oxygen Precipitation on Minority Carrier Lifetime in Silicon Crystals
    Fejes P., Varker C., Whitfield J.

    Defects and Carrier Lifetime in Silicon
    Rai-Choudhury P., Rohatgi A.

    Computer-Aided Process Modeling for Design and Process Control
    Doganis K., Dutton R., Fahey P., Lee H., Mei L.

    Characterizing Process Nonuniformities on Large-Diameter Wafers: An Overview
    Perloff D.

    Temperature-Dependent Infrared Characterization of Silicon Wafers
    Anderson C., Gummer R., Mead D.

    Analysis of Infrared Spectra for Oxygen Measurements in Silicon
    Graupner R.

    Determination of Oxygen Concentration in Silicon by Infrared Absorption
    Abe T., Gotoh S., Masui T., Ozawa N.

    Thickness Measurement of Thin (1.0-µm) Epitaxial Silicon Layers by Infrared Reflectance
    Weeks S.

    Automated Detection of Wafer Surface Defects by Laser Scanning
    Galbraith L.

    Computerized Electron-Beam Linewidth Measuring and Inspection: A New Tool
    Coates V., Pomposo T.

    Measurement of Ion Implantation Doses in Silicon by Ellipsometry and Spectral Reflectance
    Hochberg A.



    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP804-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4871-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0243-9

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