Composite Materials: Testing and Design (6th Conference)

    Daniel IM
    Published: 1982

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    This publication presents the latest developments in composites testing and design, including applications to the aircraft, automotive, and other industries. 31 papers comprise the contents and address subjects including test methods for mechanical and damage characterization; new types of composites, such as SMC, short-fiber, and ribbon reinforced; fatigue behavior; ultrasonic backscattering; and time-dependent behavior.

    Table of Contents

    Daniel I.

    Daniel I.

    Through-the-Thickness Tensile Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
    Mao T., Owen M.

    Iosipescu Shear Properties of SMC Composite Materials
    Adams D., Walrath D.

    Finite Element Analysis of Biaxial Stress Test Specimen for Graphite/Epoxy and Glass Fabric/Epoxy Composites
    Marloff R.

    Characterization of Lamina and Interlaminar Damage in Graphite/Epoxy Composites by the Deply Technique
    Freeman S.

    Thermal Behavior of a Graphite/Epoxy Composite in the Subcured State
    Blankenship L.

    Mechanical Characteristics of T300-6K/V378A Graphite/Polyimide
    Fruit J., McKague L., Reynolds J.

    Hybrid-Fiber-Reinforced Sheet Molding Compound Composite
    Chang D.

    In-Plane Behavior of a Ribbon-Reinforced Composite
    Yeow Y.

    Biaxial Strength Behavior of Glass-Reinforced Polyester Resins
    Owen M., Rice D.

    Construction and Use of Toughness Maps in a Fracture Analysis of the Micromechanics of Composite Failure
    Beaumont P., Wells J.

    Initiation and Accumulation of Damage in Composite Laminates
    Gallo R., Sandhu R., Sendeckyj G.

    Strength and Fracture Characteristics of Graphite-Glass Intraply Hybrid Composites
    Bhatia N.

    Matrix Cracking in Short Fiber Reinforced Composites under Static and Fatigue Loading
    Lee B., Mandell J.

    Stiffness Reduction as an Indicator of Damage in Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Camponeschi E., Stinchcomb W.

    Failure Characterization of a Graphite/Epoxy Laminate Through Proof Testing
    Hahn H., Hwang D.

    Effects of Spectrum Variations on Fatigue Life of Composites
    Badaliance R., Dill H., Potter J.

    Stiffness Degradation of Fiber-Reinforced Composites under Uniaxial Tensile, Pure Torsional, and Biaxial Fatigue at Cryogenic Temperature
    Chim E., Socie D., Wang S.

    Fatigue Response of Composite Laminates with Internal Flaws
    Gibbins M., Stinchcomb W.

    Nondestructive Evaluation of Damage in FP/Aluminum Composites
    Henneke E., Ulman D.

    Nondestructive Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Acoustic Backscattering Measurements
    Bar-Cohen Y., Crane R.

    Predicting Viscoelastic Response and Delayed Failures in General Laminated Composites
    Brinson H., Dillard D., Morris D.

    History-Dependent Thermomechanical Properties of Graphite/Aluminum Unidirectional Composites
    Crossman F., Min B.

    Strain Rate Characterization of Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Daniel I., Hamilton W., LaBedz R.

    Influence of Frequency and Environmental Conditions on Dynamic Behavior of Graphite/Epoxy Composites
    Buchanan D., Putter S., Rehfield L.

    Indentation Law for Composite Laminates
    Sun C., Yang S.

    Effect of Resin on Impact Damage Tolerance of Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Rhodes M., Williams J.

    Use of the Lognormal Distribution for Characterizing Composite Materials
    Whitney J.

    Durability/Life of Fiber Composites in Hygrothermomechanical Environments
    Chamis C., Sinclair J.

    Study of Compression Properties of Graphite/Epoxy Composites with Discontinuities
    Dusablon E., Grimes G.

    Experimental Investigations of Fiber Composite Reinforcement of Cracked Metallic Structures
    Fitzgerald J., Kan H., Labor J., Ratwani M.

    Testing of Buried Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Pipes
    Galili N., Shmulevich I.


    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP787-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4849-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0695-6

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