Mechanical Testing for Deformation Model Development

    Rohde RW, Swearengen JC
    Published: 1982

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    This publication of 24 technical papers that utilize an interdisciplinary approach to deformation modeling by providing a vehicle for increased communication between analytical mechanics and materials science disciplines. The contents of STP 765 encompass three major subject areas: Implication of Experimental Techniques, Phenomenological Modeling and Applications, and Microstructural Evolution and Derived Models.

    Table of Contents

    Rohde R., Swearengen J.


    Rohde R., Swearengen J.

    The Role of Servocontrolled Testing in the Development of the Theory of Viscoplasticity Based on Total Strain and Overstress
    Krempl E.

    Time-Independent and Time-Dependent Deformation of Metals
    Alden T.

    Determination of First and Second Order Work-Hardening and Rate-Sensitivity Coefficients for Oxygen-Free, High-Conductivity (OFHC) Copper and 99.99 Percent Aluminum
    Canova G., Christodoulou N., Jonas J.

    Creep of Aluminum under Combined Longitudinal and Shear Stresses
    de Fouquet J., Gacougnolle J., Peltier J.

    Specimen-Test Machine Coupling and Its Implications for Plastic Deformation Models
    Holbrook J., Rohde R., Swearengen J.

    Deformation Modeling and the Strain Transient Dip Test
    Jones W., Rohde R., Swearengen J.

    Strain Hardening and ‘Strain-Rate Hardening’
    Kocks U.

    A Unified Creep-Plasticity Model for Halite
    Krieg R.

    Experimental Investigation of Nonelastic Deformation Emphasizing Transient Phenomena by Using a State Variable Approach
    Alexopoulos P., Keusseyan R., Li C., Wire G.

    Prediction of Deformations During Gas-Tungsten-Arc Stationary Welds
    Duncan D., Giedt W.

    Some Critical Experimental Tests of the MATMOD Constitutive Equations with Respect to Directional Hardening and Cyclic Deformation
    Miller A., Ziaai-Moayyed A.

    Prediction of Stress-Strain Response under General Multiaxial Loading
    Garud Y.

    A Relationship Between Theory and Experiment for a State Variable Constitutive Equation
    Bodner S., Stouffer D.

    Strain Rate History Effects in Body-Centered-Cubic Metals
    Duffy J., Klepaczko J.

    Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior of Inconel 718
    Cook T.

    A Kinetics Approach to the Derivation and Measurement of the Constitutive Equations of Time-Dependent Deformation
    Faucher B., Krausz A.

    The Role of Long-Range Internal Back Stresses in Creep of Metals
    Fuchs K., Gibeling J., Nix W.

    Deformation Microstructures and Mechanical Equations of State
    Hasegawa T., Turner A.

    Deformation Modeling in Sodium Chloride at Intermediate and Elevated Temperatures
    Arieli A., Heard H., Mukherjee A.

    Inferring Microscopic Deformation Behavior from the Form of Constitutive Equations for Low-Carbon Steel and 5182-0 Aluminum
    Stevenson R.

    Multiaxial Creep of Textured Zircaloy-4
    Adams B., Murty K.

    Comparison of Predictions of Work-Hardening Theories for Two-Phase Alloys in Terms of Stored Energy: Eutectic Alloys Al-Al3Fe and Al-Al6Fe
    Wolfenden A.

    A Deformation Model for Elevated Temperature Including Grain Size Distribution Effects
    Ghosh A., Raj R.

    An Evaluation of Deformation Models for Grain Boundary Sliding
    Langdon T., Vastava R.

    An Elevated Temperature Fatigue Crack Model for Stainless Steels
    Guinemer J., Plumtree A.


    Committee: E28

    DOI: 10.1520/STP765-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4830-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0737-3

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