Design of Fatigue and Fracture Resistant Structures

    Abelkis PR, Hudson CM
    Published: 1982

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    This publication is a comprehensive collection of 21 papers on current structural fatigue and damage tolerance, design criteria, practices, methodology, and technology. The science of fatigue and fracture behavior is being applied to many structures that are covered in this book.

    Table of Contents

    Abelkis P., Hudson C.

    Abelkis P., Hudson C.

    Fatigue Life Assessment of Ground Vehicle Components
    Hill S., Watson P.

    Applications of Fatigue and Fracture Tolerant Design Concepts in the Nuclear Power Industry
    Jones R., Marston T., Nickell R., Norris D., Tagart S.

    Long-Life Damage Tolerant Jet Transport Structures
    Goranson U., Hall J., Maclin J., Watanabe R.

    Selected Aspects of the Design of Offshore Structure for Fatigue Resistance
    Hartt W.

    Crack Initiation and Propagation Approaches to Fatigue Analysis
    Nelson D., Socie D.

    Durability Design Requirements and Analysis for Metallic Airframes
    Garver W., Manning S., Rudd J., Yang J.

    Experimental Evaluation of Initial Flaw Criticality and Analysis Methods for Damage Tolerant Air Force Aircraft
    Brussat T., Chiu S., Creager M., Rudd J.

    Maintenance Scheduling Based on Accumulated Crack Growth
    Berens A., Gallagher J.

    An Investigation of Initial Fatigue Quality
    Wang D.

    Factors Influencing Propagation of Mode III Fatigue Cracks under Torsional Loading
    Hurd N., Irving P.

    Load-Environment Interaction Effects on Crack Growth in Landing Gear Steels
    Rosenfeld M., Saff C.

    Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth under Variable-Amplitude and Spectrum Loading Using a Closure Model
    Newman J.

    Application of an Improved Crack Growth Prediction Methodology on Structure Preliminary Design
    Chang J., Engle R., Hiyama R.

    Fatigue-Life Prediction for Spotweld Using Neuber's Rule
    Oh H.

    Critical Failure Modes in Cracked Mechanically Fastened Stiffened Panels
    Gunther C., Wozumi J.

    Methodology for Evaluating Weight Savings from Basic Material Properties
    Ekvall J., Rhodes J., Wald G.

    Fatigue Crack Growth in Stiffened Panels under Pressure Loading
    Chu H., Hauser J., Sikora J.

    Durability and Damage Tolerance Behavior of Adhesively Bonded Primary Structure
    Potter D.

    Residual Life Prediction of Jet Engine Rotor Disks
    Aono H., Jimboh K., Kawashima T., Miyoshi T., Ohnabe H., Zako M.

    Fatigue and Fracture Tolerance Evaluation of Tall Loran Tower Eyebolts
    Rice R., Smith C.

    Fracture Tolerance Analysis of the Solid Rocket Booster Servo-Actuator for the Space Shuttle
    Ghadiali N., Smith S., Wilson M., Zahoor A.


    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP761-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4826-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0714-4

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