Hazardous Solid Waste Testing: First Conference

    Conway RA, Malloy BC
    Published: 1981

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    The first in a series of publications provides a basis for new methodology in the testing of industrial solid wastes. This publication is one of the first technical testing manuals for identifying and characterizing hazardous solid wastes in terms of disposal options. The book is divided into five areas:

    • Laboratory Extractions and Leaching Procedures

    • Large-Scale Leaching Tests Versus Laboratory Tests

    • Analysis of Residues, Extracts, soils, and Ground Waters

    • Evaluation of Land Disposal Sites and Materials

    • Risk Assessment Approaches.

    Table of Contents

    Conway R., Malloy B.


    Conway R.

    Literature Review of Batch Laboratory Leaching and Extraction Procedures
    Perket C., Webster W.

    Comparison of Three Acid Extraction-Leaching Test Protocols
    Elnabarawy M., Gagnon J., Welsh S.

    Development of a Method for Determining the Leachability of Organic Compounds from Solid Wastes
    Hidy B., Jungclaus G., McKown M., Miller M., Riggin R., Warner J.

    Evaluation of Fly Ash Leachability Using Batch Leaching Procedures
    Boomer B., Keefer G., Miller M., Sack W., Seals R., Tarantino J.

    Comparison of Three Solid Waste Batch Leach Testing Methods and a Column Leach Test Method
    Benedik J., Jackson K., Jackson L.

    Use of Batchwise Extraction Procedure for Coal Ash Disposal Evaluation
    Middlesworth B., Unites D., Villaume J.

    Analysis and Modeling of the Leaching Process
    Paule R.

    Evaluation of the Extraction Procedure Testing of Hazardous Industrial Wastes
    Larson R., Malone P., Myers T., Shafer R.

    Nature and Environmental Behavior of Manufacturing-Derived Solid Wastes of Pulp and Paper Origin
    Blosser R., Marshall D.

    A Comparative Field and Laboratory Study of Fly Ash Leaching Characteristics
    Chan H., Chartier D., Dodd D., Golomb A.

    Modified Leach Test Incorporating an Elutriation Step for the Evaluation of Metal Sludges
    Lancy L., Penland J., Steward F.

    A Comparison of Groundwater Quality at Selected Landfills to Leaching Test Results
    Kunes T., Nichols D., Rinaldo-Lee M.

    Surrogate Screening for Volatile Organics in Contaminated Media
    Pojasek R., Scott M.

    Comparison of Inductively Coupled Plasma and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopies for Determination of Twenty-five Elements in Fly Ash Leachate Solution
    Drenski T., Paxton C., Varnes A.

    Evaluation of Methodology for the Survey Analysis of Solid Wastes
    Carter M., Dickson W., James R., Miller H., Neptune M.

    Testing of Materials for Use in the Lining of Waste Disposal Facilities
    Haxo H.

    Geotechnical Testing Considerations in the Determination of Laboratory Permeability for Hazardous Waste Disposal Siting
    Zimmie T.

    Subsurface Investigation of Metal Sludge and Explosive Disposal Pond Areas
    Bulot M., Phung H.

    Comprehensive Evaluation of the Abandoned LiPari Landfill
    Gominger D., Lyon D.

    Application of Site-Specific Hazard Assessment Testing to Solid Wastes
    Jones R., Lee G.

    Development of Realistic Tests for Effects and Exposures of Solid Wastes
    Daniels S.


    Committee: D34

    DOI: 10.1520/STP760-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4821-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0795-3

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