Application of 2¼Cr-1 Mo Steel for Thick-Wall Pressure Vessels

    Sangdahl GS, Semchyshen M
    Published: 1982

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    Presents a state of the art for design and construction of ultra thick pressure vessels for coal liquefaction and for petroleum refining processes subjected to similar conditions. This publication is divided into five subject categories:

    • Overview of Properties of 2-1/4 Cr-1Mo Plates and Castings

    • Design Consideration in Application of 2-1/4 Cr-1Mo Steel for Thick-Wall Pressure Vessels

    • Fabrication, Welding, and Cladding of Heavy-Gage 2-1/4 Cr-1Mo steel for Pressure Vessel Applications

    • Studies of Heat Treating

    • Temper Embrittlement of 2-1/4 Cr-1Mo Steel.

    Table of Contents

    Sangdahl G., Semchyshen M.


    Sangdahl G., Semchyshen M.

    Pressure Vessels for Coal Liquefaction—An Overview
    Scott T.

    Internal Properties of 2¼Cr-1Mo Cast Steel for Heavy Castings
    Achtelik K., Lueling H., Motz J.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of 2¼Cr-1Mo Steels for Thick-Wall Pressure Vessels
    Ritchie R., Suresh S., Zamiski G.

    Design Properties for Steels Used in Coal Conversion Vessels
    Landes J., McCabe D.

    Hydrogen Attack in Thick-Section 2¼Cr-1Mo Steels at Elevated Temperatures
    Hakkarainen T., Li C., Wanagel J.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation in the Heat-Affected Zone of 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel and ERNiCr-3 Weldments
    Weerasooriya T.

    A 2¼Cr-1Mo Pressure Vessel Steel with Improved Creep Rupture Strength
    Ishiguro T., Murakami Y., Ohnishi K., Watanabe J.

    Data Obtained on Industrial Production Plates 150 to 500 mm (6 to 20 in.) Thick in Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
    Berthet J., Blondeau R., Catelin D., Cheviet A., Roux J.

    Effects of Composition and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of 300-mm-Gage 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel Plate
    Swift R.

    Structure and Mechanical Properties of 2¼Cr-1Mo Cast Steel for Pressure Components with Wall Thicknesses up to 500 mm
    Gysel W., Mayer H., Trautwein A., Walser B.

    Mechanical Properties of Vacuum Carbon-Deoxidized Thick-Wall 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel Forging
    Kinoshita S., Kohno M., Makioka M., Suzuki A.

    Alloy Modification of Thick-Section 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel
    Kar R., Todd J.

    Fabrication of Heavy-Wall Pressure Vessels
    Bonta J., Sikora O.

    A Comparison of As-Welded and Stress-Relieved 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel Electroslag Weldments: Microstructure and Properties
    Edwards G., Frost R., Serrano O.

    A Portable 100-kW Electron Beam Welding System for Pressure Vessel Fabrication
    Farrell W.

    Case Study on Hydrocracking Reactor Inspection after an Emergency Shutdown
    Calvo V., Mitani Y., Ruiz R.

    Transformation Characteristics of 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel
    Eldis G., Wada T.

    Strength and Temper Embrittlement of Heavy-Section 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel
    Enami T., Matsui S., Sato S., Tobe T.

    Heavy-Section 2¼Cr-1Mo Steel for Hydrogenation Reactors
    Murakami Y., Nomura T., Watanabe J.

    Omission of Intermediate Postweld Heat Treatment (PWHT) by Utilizing Low-Temperature PWHT for Welds in Pressure Vessels
    Iwai K., Takahashi E.

    Comparison of Peened versus Postweld Heat-Treated Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel Weldments
    Wagner L.


    Committee: A01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP755-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4824-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0741-0

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