Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials

    Schafer EW, Walker CR
    Published: 1981

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    The book presents test methods on evaluation procedures for chemicals. Devices, and other techniques used to control aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates. The areas of major interest to the reader are methods of reducing potential hazards of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, and microbial agents; pesticide hazard to aquatic environments; research methodologies devised primarily for small and large mammals, and practically of developing valid test methods for field use in developing countries.

    Table of Contents

    Schafer E., Walker C.

    Schafer E., Walker C.

    Legal, Scientific, and Political Cooperation—The Impossible Dream
    Beck J.

    Suggested Methods for Determining the Efficacy of Vertebrate Control Agents in Developing Countries
    Bruggers R., Jackson W.

    Nonspill Cage Feeder for Quail
    Brunton R., Schafer E.

    Improved Method of Assessing Pesticide Hazards to Nontarget Game Birds Under Simulated Field Conditions
    Glahn J., Lamper L.

    Approach for Assessing Feed Loss Damage by Starlings at Livestock Feedlots
    Glahn J., Otis D.

    Laboratory Method for Evaluating the Secondary Hazard Potential of Avicides and Rodenticides to Nontarget Birds and Mammals
    Holler N., Lefebvre P.

    Test Method for Evaluating the Effects of Chemicals on Starling Reproduction
    Brunton R., Schafer E.

    Methods for Assessing the Efficiency of Aerial Spraying Control Operations on Quelea Colonies and Roosts
    Elliott C.

    Field Method for Evaluation of Rodenticides for Control of Microtus pinetorum in Apple Orchards
    Byers R.

    Analytical Techniques for Fluorescent Chemicals Used as Systemic or External Wildlife Markers
    Johns B., Pan H.

    Method for Analysis of Rat Acceptance Data Generated in Anticoagulant Bait Bioassays
    Palmateer S.

    Comparison of Environmental Protection Agency and Company Laboratory Efficacy Data for Federally Registered Rat and Mouse Toxicants
    Palmateer S., Peacock D.

    Considerations in the Design of Test Methods for Measuring Bait Shyness
    Robbins R.

    Estimating Population Abundance of Ground Squirrels (Genus Spermophilus): A Review
    Stroud D.

    Trends of Predator Losses of Sheep and Lambs Calculated from U.S. Department of Agriculture Mortality Statistics
    Terrill C.

    Plastic Enclosures and Containers for Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Pesticides in Aquatic Environments
    Burress R., Gilderhus P., Walker C.

    Simulated Field Testing Methods for Pest Control Agents in Lotic and Lentic Ecosystems
    Burress R., Gilderhus P., Walker C.

    Recommended Practice for Determining the Effectiveness and Safety of Aquatic Animal Control Agents in Static Water Studies
    McCann J., Walker C.

    Reducing Potential Hazards of Pesticides to Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat
    Walker C.


    Committee: E35

    DOI: 10.1520/STP752-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4818-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0760-1

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