Eddy-Current Characterization of Materials and Structures

    Birnbaum G, Free G
    Published: 1981

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    Authoritatively covers all areas of eddy-current nondestructive evaluation, including developments in theoretical models for specific eddy-current problems, analysis of available instrumentation, and microwave, multi frequency, and pulsed eddy-current methods.

    Table of Contents

    Birnbaum G., Free G.

    Birnbaum G., Free G.

    Development of Theoretical Models for Nondestructive Testing Eddy-Current Phenomena
    Lord W., Palanisamy R.

    Numerical Solution of Electromagnetic-Field Eddy-Current Problems in Linear and Nonlinear Metallic Structures: The RMS Phasor and Instantaneous Approaches as Potential Tools in Nondestructive Testing Applications
    Demerdash N., Nehl T.

    Eddy-Current Simulation in Prisms, Plates, and Shells with the Program EDDYNET
    Lari R., Sandy G., Turner L.

    Finite-Element Analysis of Eddy-Current Flaw Detection
    Chari M., Kincaid T.

    Application of Reference Standards for Control of Eddy-Current Test Equipment
    Beller M., Leider A., Stumm W., Weber H., Wittig G.

    A Macroscopic Model of Eddy Currents
    Herman S., Prodan R.

    Secondary Conductivity Standards Stability
    Jones A.

    High-Accuracy Conductivity Measurements in Nonferrous Metals
    Free G.

    High Peak Energy Shaped-Pulse Electromagnetic Crack Detection
    Hansen K., Hendrickson I.

    Eddy-Current Scanning of Graphite-Reinforced Aluminum Panels
    Anderson C.

    An Eddy-Current Decay Technique for Low-Temperature Resistivity Measurements
    Hartwig K.

    An Eddy-Current Study of Casting
    Kunerth D., Siegfried R., Wallace J.

    In-Service Evaluation of Multifrequency/Multiparameter Eddy-Current Technology for the Inspection of PWR Steam-Generator Tubing
    Brown S.

    A Multifrequency Approach to Interpret Defect Signals Superimposed by Disturbing Signals According to the Causing Defect Type and Size
    Betzold K.

    Opitimization of a Multifrequency Eddy-Current Test System Concerning the Defect Detection Sensibility
    Becker R., Betzold K.

    In-Service Inspection of Steam-Generator Tubing Using Multiple-Frequency Eddy-Current Techniques
    Deeds W., Dodd C.

    Transient Eddy Current in Magnet Structure Members
    Yeh H.

    Advanced Multifrequency Eddy-Current System for Steam-Generator Inspection
    Davis T.

    Multifrequency Eddy-Current Method and the Separation of Test Specimen Variables
    Sagar A.

    A Boundary Integral Equation Method for Calculating the Eddy-Current Distribution in a Long Cylindrical Bar with a Crack
    Kahn A., Spal R.

    Microwave Eddy-Current Techniques for Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation
    Bahr A.

    Theoretical Characterization and Comparison of Resonant-Probe Microwave Eddy-Current Testing with Conventional Low-Frequency Eddy-Current Methods
    Auld B.

    Microwave Eddy-Current Experiments with Ferromagnetic Resonance Probes
    Auld B., Winslow D.

    Pulsed Eddy-Current Testing of Steel Sheets
    Waidelich D.

    Investigation into the Depth of Pulsed Eddy-Current Penetration
    Sather A.

    Design of a Pulsed Eddy-Current Test Equipment with Digital Signal Analysis
    Thomas H., Wittig G.

    The Use of A-C Field Measurements to Determine the Shape and Size of a Crack in a Metal
    Charlesworth F., Collins R., Dover W., Michael D., Taylor K.

    Detection and Analysis of Electric-Current Perturbation Caused by Defects
    Barton J., Beissner R., Burkhardt G., Smith R., Teller C.

    Eddy-Current Testing of Thin Nonferromagnetic Plate and Sheet Materials Using a Facsimile-Recording Data Display Method
    Feil J.

    Pattern-Recognition Methods for Classifying and Sizing Flaws Using Eddy-Current Data
    Davis T., Doctor P., Fraley D., Harrington T., Morris C.

    Automatic Detection, Classification, and Sizing of Steam-Generator Tubing Defects by Digital Signal Processing
    Brown C., Defibaugh D., Morgan E., Mucciardi A.


    Committee: E07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP722-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4792-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0752-6

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