Thermal Insulation Performance

    McElroy DL, Tye RP
    Published: 1980

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    Updates you on a wide variety of important topics with discussions in such critical areas as Overall performance in applications, Implementation of standard codes and accreditation procedures, Research procedures, and Needs for the future.

    Table of Contents

    McElroy D., Tye R.

    General Discussions—Session I

    General Discussion—Session III

    McElroy D., Tye R.

    An Assessment of Thermal Insulation Materials for Building Applications
    Ashare E., Guyer E., Sharon A., Tye R.

    Settled Density of Wood Fiber (Cellulose Based) Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation Using the CS-204 Method
    Derbyshire B.

    Effect of Thickness on the Thermal Properties of Thick Specimens of Low-Density Thermal Insulation
    Shirtliffe C.

    Glass Fiber as Insulation and Drainage Layer on Exterior of Basement Walls
    Bomberg M., Hamilton J., Tao S.

    Some Performance Aspects of Glass Fiber Insulation on the Outside of Basement Walls
    Bomberg M.

    The Energy-Efficient Residence: Research Results
    Johnson R., Lee O.

    Thermal Performance of Buildings and Building Envelope Systems: An Annotated Bibliography
    Carroll W.

    Influence of Insulation Deficiencies on Heat Loss in Walls and Ceilings
    Verschoor J., Vinieratos E.

    Interpretation of Building Thermograms
    Stainton W.

    Air Intrusion Effects on the Performance of Permeable Insulation Systems
    Berlad A., Hoppe R., Jaung R., Krajewski R., Salzano F., Tutu N., Yeh Y.

    Thermal Research Facility—A Large Calibrated Hot Box for Horizontal Building Elements
    Mumaw J.

    Evaluation of ASTM C 201 Apparatus for Measuring the Thermal Conductance of Ceramic Fiber Insulation
    Chaille C., Wahle H.

    Quantifying the Thermal Protection and Comfort Characteristics of Sleeping Bags
    Munson D., Rohles F.

    The Calibration of Heat Flow Meters
    De Ponte F., Maccato W.

    Experimental Determination of the Thickness Effect in Glass Fiber Building Insulation
    Hollingsworth M.

    Heat-Transfer Model for Fibrous Insulations
    Bhattacharyya R.

    Implementation of a New Quality-Control Instrument for Thermal Measurements of a Low-Density Building Insulation
    McCaa D.

    Sampling Faced Foam Insulation Board for Heat Flow Meter Thermal Performance Testing
    Sherman M.

    A Method for Determining the Thermal Resistances of Experimental Flat Roof Systems Using Heat Flow Meters
    Hedlin C., Orr H., Tao S.

    Discussion on Experiments to Separate the “Effect of Thickness” from Systematic Equipment Errors in Thermal Transmission Measurements
    Pelanne C.

    Fibrous Glass Board as a Standard Reference Material for Thermal Resistance Measurement Systems
    Siu M.

    Development of a Canadian Standard for Urea Formaldehyde Thermal Wall Insulation
    Bowles A., Shirtliffe C.

    Life-Cycle Energy Costs of Thermal Insulation
    Chandrashekar M., Chinneck J., Hahn C.

    Problems in Predicting the Thermal Properties of Faced Polyurethane Foams
    Bomberg M.

    Low-Temperature Properties of Expanded Polyurethane and Polystyrene
    Sparks L.

    Insulation for Cryogenic Service
    Cunningham C., Oliver L., Roni J.

    Thermal Transfer Calculation Methods for Insulated Underground Piping Systems and Comparisons of Results
    Barton R.

    Thermal Insulation for a Novel Flexible District Heating Pipe System
    Eilhardt B., Stoeckl G., Ziemek G.

    Optimum Economic Thickness of Pipe Insulation Accounting for Variable Heat-Transfer Parameters
    Beckman J., Simmons L.

    Field Measurements of Heat Flow Through a Roof with Saturated Thermal Insulation and Covered with Black and White Granules
    Shuman E.

    Research Needs in the Insulation Industry
    Stenger L.


    Committee: C16

    DOI: 10.1520/STP718-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4786-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0794-6

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