Real-Time Radiologic Imaging: Medical and Industrial Applications

    Garrett DA, Bracher DA
    Published: 1980

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    22 papers cover industrial and medical applications of real-time radiologic imaging methods. Topics include fundamentals, detectors, standards and limits of image formation, special applications, and computer-based systems.

    Table of Contents

    Bracher D., Garrett D.

    Bracher D., Garrett D.

    Fundamentals of Radiographic Imaging
    Halmshaw R.

    Radiation Sources and Detectors
    Polansky D.

    Detection of X-Rays for Real-Time Imaging
    Kühl W.

    Concepts and Implementations in X-Ray Intensification
    Bates C.

    Microchannel X-Ray Image Intensifiers
    Chalmeton V.

    X-Ray-Sensitive Television Camera Tubes
    Jacobs J.

    X-Ray Phosphors and Screens
    Kingsley J.

    Basic Limits in Real-Time Industrial Radiographic Systems
    Boettinger W., Burdette H., Kuriyama M.

    Real-Time Radiographic Imaging for Submerged-Arc Welded Pipe
    Henry E., Rudolph R.

    Beam Filtration in Diagnostic Radiology
    Siedband M.

    Performance Measurement of Fluoroscopic Systems
    Scheid C.

    Cold Neutron Imaging for Gas Turbine Inspection
    Stewart P.

    A Real-Time X-Ray Topography System
    Hartmann W.

    Video Display of X-Ray Topographic Images for In-Process Inspection of Semiconductor Devices
    Chikawa J.

    Real-Time Optical Processing: Automatized Optical Plotter and Interferometric Device for 3D-Imaging
    Clair J., Landraud A.

    Neutron Diffraction Tomography: A Unique 3D Inspection Technique for Crystals Using an Intensifier TV System
    Case A., Davidson J.

    Real-Time Digital Image Processing for Radiological Imaging
    Mengers P.

    Cylindrical-Scanning Transaxial Roentgen Tomography of High Temporal Resolution
    Gilbert B., Harris L., Kinsey J., Ritman E., Robb R., Smith K., Wood E.

    Computerized Fluorodensitometry Using a Solid-State Matrix Camera
    Philips C., Ziskin M.

    Real-Time Computerized Fluoroscopy and Radiography—A Progress Report
    Houk T., Kruger R., Lancaster J., Mistretta C., Riederer S., Shaw C.

    Sensitivity of High-Energy Real-Time Radiography with Digital Integration
    Buchanan R., Sklensky A.


    Committee: E07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP716-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4784-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0546-1

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