Lifetime Factors in Silicon

    Westbrook RD
    Published: 1980

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    A comprehensive review published for the purpose of furthering standards development relating to carrier lifetime measurement, interpretation, and control.

    Table of Contents

    Westbrook R.

    Minority Carrier Lifetime Characteristics in Semiconductor Silicon—An Overview
    Vieweg-Gutberlet F.

    Survey of Literature on Minority Carrier Lifetimes in Silicon and Related Topics
    Ross B.

    Influence of Collector Recombination Lifetime on the Current Gain and Storage Time of High-Voltage Power Transitors
    Hower P.

    Effects of Carrier Lifetime and End-Region Recombination on the Forward Current and Switching Behavior of Power Pin Diodes
    Cooper R., Fagg S., Paxman D., Slatter J.

    Dynamic Storage Time Measurements on Metal Oxide Semiconductor-Random Access Memory Circuits
    Gosney W.

    Minority Carrier Lifetime Degradation in Silicon Due to Thermally Generated Dislocations
    Liang A., Varker C.

    Study of Minority Carrier Lifetime Behavior in Czochralski-Grown Silicon Crystals
    Wakefield G., Wong D.

    Influence of Crystal Defects on the Generation Lifetime of Minority Carriers in Silicon
    Eder A., Werner C.

    Influence of Impurity-Decorated Stacking Faults on the Transient Response of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors
    Ichida Y., Kawado S., Yanada T.

    Control of Lifetime in Silicon by Implantation of Iron
    Hayashi H., Kaneko K., Kumagai O., Mamine T., Matsushita T., Nishiyama K., Yanada T.

    Carrier Lifetime Measurements for Process Monitoring During Device Production
    Graff K., Pieper H.

    Measurement and Retention of Recombination Lifetime
    Blais P., Seiler C.

    Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime in Silicon Crystals by the Photoconductive Decay Technique
    Gerhard A., Pearce C.

    Minority Carrier Lifetime Profile Measurements by Use of the Photocurrent Technique
    Eichinger P., Müller J., Reichl H., Ruge I.

    Radial Lifetime Profiling on Silicon Specimens by the Photoconductivity Decay and Photocurrent Methods—A Comparison
    Siegesleitner P., Stallhofer M., Vieweg-Gutberlet F.

    Lifetime Depth Profile Measurement Method in Heavily Doped Semiconductors Using Electron Beams
    Adler M., Baliga B., Possin G.

    A High Signal-to-Noise Oscillator for Contactless Measurement of Photoinduced Carrier Lifetimes
    Curtis H., Verkuil R.

    A Contactless Method of p-n Junction Leakage Testing and Comparison of Associated Data with Contact-Determined Leakage
    Pak M., Verkuil R.

    Laser Scanning Technique for the Investigation of Power Devices
    Drugge B., Engström O., Tove P.

    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP712-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4780-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0390-0

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