Engine Coolant Testing: State of the Art

    Ailor WH
    Published: 1980

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    Twenty-one papers review past studies and provide new insights and techniques on cooling systems, coolants and anti-freezes, cavitation, corrosion, properties, service, and research and testing.

    Table of Contents

    WH A.




    Ailor W.

    Automotive Engine Coolants: A Review of Their Requirements and Methods of Evaluation
    Rowe L.

    Experience of the British Standards Institution in the Field of Engine Coolants
    Mercer A.

    Automotive Coolants in Europe: Technical Requirements and Testing
    Berchtold P.

    Laboratory Research in the Development and Testing of Inhibited Coolants in Boiling Heat-Transfer Conditions
    Mercer A.

    Simulated Service Tests for Evaluation of Engine Coolants
    Schulmeister R., Speckhardt H.

    Research and Development Efforts in Military Antifreeze Formulations
    Conley J., Jamison R.

    Corrosion Testing of Furnace and Vacuum Brazed Aluminum Radiators
    Hasegawa Y., Naruki K.

    Use of Electrochemical Techniques for Corrosion Testing of Antifreezes
    Hirozawa S., O'Brien E., Wilson J.

    Chemical Properties as a Tool for Maintaining High-Quality Engine Antifreeze Coolants in the Marketplace
    Siano M., Yates T.

    How Good is the ASTM Simulated Service Corrosion Testing of Engine Coolants?
    Choinski J., Maxwell J.

    Detecting Coolant Corrosivity with Electrochemical Sensors
    Baboian R., Haynes G.

    Static Vehicle Corrosion Test Method and Its Significance in Engine Coolant Evaluations for Aluminum Heat Exchangers
    Park K.

    Evaluating the Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Heat Exchanger Materials
    Dorward R.

    Statistical Treatment of Laboratory Data for ASTM D 1384-70 Using Soft Solder
    Mitchell W.

    Refinement of the Vibratory Cavitation Erosion Test for the Screening of Diesel Cooling System Corrosion Inhibitors
    Carver D., Hercamp R., Hudgens R., Lauterback J.

    Electrochemical Corrosion of an Aluminum Alloy in Cavitating Ethylene Glycol Solutions
    Chance R.

    Cavitation Corrosion
    Oakes B.

    Evaluation of a Novel Engine Coolant Based on Ethanediol Developed to Replace AL-3 (NATO S735) as the Automotive Antifreeze Used by the British Army
    Beale E., Bedford B., Sims M.

    Cooling Systems Corrosion in Relation to Design and Materials
    Beynon E., Cooper N., Hannigan H.

    Testing of Solder for Corrosion by Engine Coolants
    Beal R.


    Committee: D15

    DOI: 10.1520/STP705-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4774-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0331-3

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