Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1978

    Glass AJ, Guenther AH
    Published: 1979

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    Table of Contents

    DOE Welcome Presentation of Awards to Drs. Guenther and Glass
    Stickley C.

    Remarks to the Tenth Annual Boulder Optical Materials for High Power Lasers Symposium
    Winsor H.

    Symposium Welcome
    Glass A.

    Discussion of a Theory of Analysis of Rate Calorimetry Which Includes Coating Absorption
    Fernelius N., Johnston G.

    Absorption Coefficient of NaF by Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy
    Burdick D.

    Laser Calorimetric Measurement of Two Photon Absorption
    Bass M., Stewart A., Van Stryland E.

    A Comparison of Bulk and Surface Absorptions in NaCl and KCl between 9.2 and 10.8 µm
    Ohmer M., Stoebe T., Vora H.

    A 1.06µm Laser Absorption Calorimeter for Optical Coatings
    Allen T., Apfel J., Carniglia C.

    Measured Thin Film Absorption at the Air-Film Interface, the Film Bulk, and the Film-Substrate Interface
    Bethke J., Decker D., Donovan T., Temple P.

    Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Studies of Thin Film Coatings on Laser Windows
    Fernelius N., Walsh D.

    Piezo-Optic Coefficients of Some Neodymium Doped Laser Glasses and Single Crystals of CaF2, BaF2 and SrF2
    Feldman A., Horowitz D., Waxler R.

    Refractive Index of Strontium Fluoride
    Dodge M.

    The Development of Fluorides for High Power Laser Optics
    Bernal G., Leung K., Ready J., Skogman R., Vora H.

    Optical Properties of KCl Forged between Optically Polished Dies
    Anderson R., Bennett J.

    Bulk Optical Properties of Fine Grained Forged Calcium Fluoride
    Anderson R., Bennett J., Ready J., Skogman R.

    CW Laser Damage in AR Coated Alkaline Earth Fluorides at 3.8 µm
    Detrio J., Petty R.

    Lattice Absorption, Phonon Assignments, and Image Spoiling Properties of Cvd ZnS in the Infrared
    diBenedetto B., Donadio R., Klein C., Kohane T., Pappis J.

    Laser Induced Damage in Fluoride Glasses: A Status Report
    Milam D., Stokowski S., Weber M.

    Liquids for High Repetition Rate Glass Laser Systems
    Abate J., Appelbaum H., Brown D., Jacobs S., Lewis O., Rinefierd J.

    Physical and Optical Properties of Surfaces Generated by Diamond-turning on an Advanced Machine
    Decker D., Grandjean D.

    Optical and Metallurgical Characterization of Molybdenum Laser Mirrors
    Bennett J., Krauss G., Wong S.

    1064—NM Laser Damage Thresholds of Polished Glass Surfaces as a Function of Pulse Duration and Surface Roughness
    Milam D.

    Large Giant and Free-Running Laser Pulse Energy and Power Densities Through Optical Fibers
    Landry M.

    Ultraviolet Damage Resistance of Laser Coatings
    Gill D., Newnam B.

    Multithreshold Evaluation of 100-nsec Pulsed Laser Damage to Coating Materials at 2.7- and 3.8-µm Wavelengths
    Donovan T., Faith W., Jernigan J., Porteus J.

    Multithreshold Damage Measurements on As2S3, As2Se3, and NaF at HF and DF Wavelengths
    Ashley E., Donovan T., Jernigan J., Porteus J.

    TEM Investigation of Effects of a Barrier Layer on Damage to 1.064µ AR Coatings
    Apfel J., Carniglia C., Carrier G., Milam D.

    Optical Techniques for the Determination of Pulsed Laser Damage in Thin Films
    Guenther A., Nielsen P., Walker T.

    A Statistical Analysis of Absorptive Laser Damage in Dielectric Thin Films
    Budgor A., Luria-Budgor K.

    New Coating Materials for IR Laser Optical Components
    Chew R., Gorre L., Harrington J., Pastor R.

    Improved PbF2 Coatings for the Infrared
    Arnold G., Baumeister P., Edwards D.

    Graded Index Coatings of Cubic Thallium Iodide (TLI) and Lead Fluoride (PbF 2)
    Moravec T., Skogman R.

    Simple Expressions for Calculating the Effect of Volume or Interface Absorption in Thin Films on the Performance of High Reflectance or Antireflectance Multilayer Coatings
    Bennett H., Burge D.

    Simplified Description of Dielectric Reflectors
    Flannery M., Sparks M.

    Electric Fields Near Coated Surfaces: Application to Damage Protection
    Rosenstock H.

    Computer Simulation of Laser Damage Morphology in the Alkali-Halides
    Bräunlich P., Kelly P., Ritchie D., Schmid A.

    The Relative Role of Impact and Multiphoton Ionization Mechanisms in Laser Induced Damage of Transparent Dielectrics
    Epifanov A., Gorshkov B., Manenkov A.

    Theory of Laser Damage in Dielectric Solids
    Brawer S., Smith W.

    Laser-Induced Damage in Semiconductors
    Danileiko Y., Manenkov A., Sidorin A.

    Frequency Dependence of Breakdown Fields in Single-Crystal NaCl and KCl
    Bass M., Soileau M., Van Stryland E.

    Investigation of Surface Breakdown Mechanism in IR-Optical Materials
    Faizullov F., Kovalev V.


    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP689-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5578-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0085-5

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