MiCon 78: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control

    Abrams H, Maniar GN, Nail DA, Solomon HD
    Published: 1979

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    The symposium on MiCon 78: Optimization of Processing, Properties, and Service Performance Through Microstructural Control was held in Houston, Texas, 3-5 April 1978. Sponsored by Committee E-4 on Metallography of the American Society for Testing and Materials, the symposium was also cosponsored by The Metallurgical Society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, the International Metallographic Society, and the Houston Chapter of the American Society for Metals. Dr. Halle Abrams, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, G. N. Maniar, Carpenter Technology Corporation, D. A. Nail, Cameron Iron Works, and Dr. H. D. Solomon, General Electric Company are editors of this publication.

    Table of Contents

    Abrams H., Maniar G., Nail D., Solomon H.

    Summary—Steels Session
    Abrams H.

    Discussion—Steels Session

    Summary—Stainless Steels Session

    Discussion—Stainless Steels Session

    Summary—High-Temperature Alloys Session
    Maniar G.

    Discussion—High-Temperature Alloys Session

    Design of High Hardness, Tough Steels for Energy-Related Applications
    Zackay V.

    Microstructural Control in Microalloyed Steels
    Cohen M., Hansen S.

    High-Strength Microalloyed Pipe Steels Resistant to Hydrogen-Induced Failures
    DeVito A., Parrini C.

    Evaluation of Steels for Arctic Line Pipe
    Abrams H., Roe G.

    Control of Microstructure by the Processing Parameters and Chemistry in the Arctic Line Pipe Steels
    Kozasu I., Ouchi C., Tanaka J., Tsukada K.

    Structure-Property Relationships for Pearlite-Reduced Mo-Nb Steels Finish-Rolled Moderately Below Ar3
    Coldren A., Eldis G., Tither G.

    Controlled Processing of Molybdenum Bearing Line Pipe Steels
    Delvecchio G., Hood J., McCutcheon D.

    Influence of Microstructure on the Temper Embrittlement of Some Low-Alloy Steels
    Viswanathan R.

    Effects of Composition and Gage on the Microstructure of A533-B Steels
    Smith R., Swift R.

    High-Hardenability Carburizing Steels for Rock Bits
    Diesburg D.

    Relationship Between Microstructure and Properties in Stainless Steels
    Pickering F.

    Possibilities for Microstructural Control During Hot Working of Austenitic Stainless Steels
    Ahlblom B., Roberts W.

    Correlation of Sensitization with Thermomechanical History of Type 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Joint
    Fukagawa M., Kawamoto T., Nakagawa Y., Saiga Y.

    Microstructural and Microchemical Studies in Weld Sensitized Austenitic Stainless Steels
    Rao P.

    Microstructures Versus Properties of 29-4 Ferritic Stainless Steel
    Aggen G., Deverell H., Nichol T.

    Effect of Heat Treatment and Microstructure on the Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of a Precipitation Hardenable Stainless Steel
    DeBold T., Kosa T.

    Influence of Hydrogen on Age-Hardening Processes in 15-5 Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel
    Louthan M., McNitt R., Murali J.

    Structure and Properties of a 19Cr-25Ni-Mo-Ti Steel
    Andersson T., Samuelsson A., Törnblom H.

    Microstructure and Related Material Characteristics of Some Duplex Austenitic-Ferritic Alloys with Less Than 40 Percent Ferrite
    Bodine G., Sump C.

    Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties and Localized Corrosion of a Duplex Stainless Steel
    Devine T., Solomon H.

    Microstructural Objectives for High-Temperature Alloys in Advanced Energy Systems
    Sims C.

    Melting of Superalloys
    Lherbier L.

    Physical Metallurgy and Effects of Process Variables on the Microstructure of Wrought Superalloys
    Muzyka D.

    Forging and Processing of High-Temperature Alloys
    DeRidder A., Koch R.

    Review of Superalloy Powder Metallurgy Processing for Aircraft Gas Turbine Applications
    Bartos J.

    Application of Superalloys in Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Valves
    Jenkins L., Larson J.

    Super Waspaloy Microstructure and Properties
    Couts W., Deye D.

    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of INCOLOY Alloy 800 After 14 Years of Service as a Catalyst Tube in a Steam-Methane Reformer
    Mankins W., Wenschhof D.


    Committee: E04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP672-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4742-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0517-1

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