Behavior of Deep Foundations

    Lundgren R
    Published: 1979

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    The symposium on Behavior of Deep Foundations was held during the June Committee Week of the American Society for Testing and Materials, 25-30 June 1978, in Boston, Mass. ASTM Committee D18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes sponsored the symposium. The symposium Committee members were: Raymond Lundgren, Roy Bell, R. D. Darragh, M. I. Esrig, L. C. Reese, M. T. Davisson, and F. M. Fuller. Lundgren also served as editor of this publication.

    Table of Contents

    Lundgren R.


    Design and Evaluation of Load Tests on Deep Foundations
    Reese L.

    Soil Capacity for Supporting Deep Foundation Members in Clay
    Esrig M., Kirby R.

    Stresses in Piles
    Davisson M.

    State-of-the-Art Pile Design Practice—Current and Proposed as Reflected in Building Codes
    Fuller F.

    Structural Properties of Timber Pile
    Armstrong R.

    Analysis of Load Tests on Instrumented Steel Test Piles in Compressible Silty Soil
    Bozozuk M., Keenan G., Pheeney P.

    Interpreting End-Bearing Pile Load Test Results
    Brierley G., Eller C., Thompson D.

    Analytical Methods to Predict Pile Capacities
    Cheeks J.

    Failure During Construction and Subsequent Rehabilitation and Performance of a Dynamically Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile Foundation
    Clark J.

    Influence of Residual Installation Forces on the Stress Transfer and Settlement Underworking Loads of Jacked and Bored Piles in Cohesive Soils
    Cooke R.

    Load Transfer from Bored, Cast-in-Situ Piles in London Clay
    Cooke R.

    Timber Piles in Standards, Codes, and Practice
    Diekmann E.

    Behavior of Steel Piles During Installation and Service
    Dismuke T.

    Influence of Codes and Standards on the Use of Steel Piles
    Dismuke T.

    Capacity of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Pile Sections
    Gamble W.

    Design of High-Performance Prestressed Concrete Piles for Dynamic Loading
    Brauner H., Gerwick B.

    A Rational Procedure for Evaluating the Behavior of Impact-Driven Piles
    Clough G., Holloway D., Vesic A.

    Load Testing of Instrumented 225-Foot-Long Prestressed Concrete Piles
    Lacy H.

    Special Requirements for Testing Auger-Placed Grout Piles
    Lamb G.

    Interpretation of Load Tests on High-Capacity Driven Piles
    Leonards G., Lovell D.

    Static and Cyclic Axial Load Tests on a Fully Instrumented Pile
    Fischer J., Lu T., Miller V.

    Cyclic Pile Load Testing—Loading System and Instrumentation
    Fischer J., Lu T., Miller V.

    Pile Load Tests to Evaluate Load Transfer Mechanisms
    Montgomery M.

    Field Tests on Vertical Piles Under Static and Cyclic Horizontal Loading in Overconsolidated Clay
    Price G.

    A Simple Approach to Pile Design and the Evaluation of Pile Tests
    Randolph M., Wroth C.

    Determination of Pile Damage by Top Measurements
    Goble G., Rausche F.

    Building Code Requirements for Maximum Design Stresses in Piles
    Rempe D.

    Horizontal Subgrade Reaction Estimated from Lateral Loading Tests on Timber Piles
    Robinson K.

    Field Evaluation of Caisson-Shale Interaction
    Garvin R., Spanovich M.

    General Discussion—Comments on Working Loads for Pile Foundations
    Swiger W.

    Influence of Driving Stresses on the Development of High Pile Capacities
    Thompson C., Thompson D.

    Stress and Deformation in Single Piles Due to Lateral Movement of Surrounding Soils
    Scheessele D., Wang M., Wu A.

    Capacity of Axially Loaded Bent Piles in a Bearing Stratum Overlain by a Thick Layer of Soft Clay
    Fox R., Wu A.


    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP670-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4740-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0291-0

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