Aquatic Toxicology: Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium on Aquatic Toxicology

    Marking LL, Kimerle RA
    Published: 1979

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    The second symposium on Aquatic Toxicology was held in Cleveland, Ohio, on 31 Oct.-1 Nov. 1977. This symposium was sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials through its Committee E35 on Pesticides. L. L. Marking, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and R. A. Kimerle, Monsanto Co., presided as chairmen of the symposium and served as editors of this publication.

    Table of Contents

    Kimerle R., Marking L.

    Kimerle R., Marking L.

    Uptake, Biotransformation, Disposition, and Elimination of 2-Methylnaphthalene and Naphthalene in Several Fish Species
    Lech J., Melancon M.

    An Assessment of DDT Toxicity on Osmoregulation and Gill Na, K-ATPase Activity in the Blue Crab
    Neufeld G., Pritchard J.

    Acephate and Fenitrothion Toxicity in Rainbow Trout: Effects of Temperature Stress and Investigations on the Sites of Action
    Duangsawasdi M., Klaverkamp J.

    Excretion of the Lampricide Bayer 73 by Rainbow Trout
    Allen J., Dawson V., Hunn J.

    Relationship of the Physiology of Aquatic Organisms to the Lethality of Toxicants: A Broad Overview with Emphasis on Membrane Permeability
    Katz B.

    Respiratory Activity of Fish as a Predictor of Chronic Fish Toxicity Values for Surfactants
    Maki A.

    Use of Luminescent Bacteria for Determining Toxicity in Aquatic Environments
    Bulich A.

    Taint Threshold of Diphenyl Oxide in Rainbow Trout
    Alexander H., Blau G., Branson D., Peters T.

    Value of Chemical Fractionation for Identifying the Toxic Components of Complex Aqueous Effluents
    Gehrs C., Parkhurst B., Rubin I.

    Embryo-Larval Toxicity Tests with Organic Compounds
    Birge W., Black J., Bruser D., Hudson J.

    A Chronic Toxicity Test with the Marine Copepod Acartia tonsa
    Drozdowski D., Rider E., Ward T.

    Use of the Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) in a Life-Cycle Toxicity Test
    Tyler-Schroeder D.

    A Method for Measuring Algal Toxicity and Its Application to the Safety Assessment of New Chemicals
    Hall R., Payne A.

    Uptake, Depuration, and Toxicity of Hexamethylphosphoramide in Aquatic Organisms
    Cramm G., Gibson J., Schneider P., Shrivastava S.

    Physical and Chemical Aspects of the Distribution of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Aquatic Environment
    Dexter R., Pavlou S.

    Bioaccumulation of DDT and PCB in Tissues of Marine Fishes
    Butler P., Schutzmann R.

    Test of a Model for Predicting Kepone Accumulation in Selected Estuarine Species
    Bahner L., Oglesby J.

    Bioconcentration and Metabolism of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate by Daphnids and Fathead Minnows
    Comotto R., Kimerle R., Swisher R.

    Considerations in Assessing the Potential for, and Significance of, Biomagnification of Chemical Residues in Aquatic Food Chains
    Macek K., Petrocelli S., Sleight B.

    Exposure Assessment: A Key Issue in Aquatic Toxicology
    Sanders W.

    An Approach to the Toxicological Evaluation of a Complex Industrial Wastewater
    Barkley J., Glennon J., Highfill J., Pearson J.

    Interpretation of Chemical Water Quality Data
    Jones R., Lee G.

    Effects of Calcium and Sediment Concentrations on the Release of Metals and Nutrients from Dredge Spoil Dispersions
    Barney J., Posner J., Snitz F., Weber W.

    Ecological Kinetics of Silver in an Alpine Lake Ecosystem
    Freeman R.

    Transport and Transformations of Anthracene in Natural Waters
    Southworth G.


    Committee: E35

    DOI: 10.1520/STP667-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4738-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0279-8

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