Erosion: Prevention and Useful Applications

    Adler WF
    Published: 1979

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    The 28 investigative papers in this publication form the basis for technical information concerning a board range of erosion-related topics.

    Table of Contents

    Adler W.


    Electron Microscopy Study of Erosion Damage in Copper
    Ives L., Ruff A.

    Fundamental Mechanisms of the Erosive Wear of Ductile Metals by Solid Particles
    Finnie I., Levy A., McFadden D.

    Mechanisms of the Erosion of Metals by Solid Particles
    Hutchings I.

    Multiparticle Erosion of Pyrex Glass
    Conrad H., Mehrotra P., Sargent G.

    Solid-Particle Erosion of High-Technology Ceramics (Si3N4, Glass-Bonded Al203, and MgF2)
    Gulden M.

    Test Facility for Material Erosion at High Temperature
    Tabakoff W., Wakeman T.

    Mechanisms of Erosion of a Ductile Material by Solid Particles
    Maji J., Sheldon G.

    Relative Erosion Resistance of Several Materials
    Hansen J.

    Erosion-Corrosion of Coatings and Superalloys in High-Velocity Hot Gases
    Barklow R., Goebel J., Pettit F.

    Calculated Tolerance of a Large Electric Utility Gas Turbine to Erosion Damage by Coal Gas Ash Particles
    Menguturk M., Sverdrup E.

    Analysis of Brittle Target Fracture from a Subsonic Water Drop Impact
    Eggum G., Ito Y., Rosenblatt M.

    Response of Infrared Transmitting Materials to High-Velocity Impact by Water Drops
    Hackworth J., Kocher L., Snell I.

    Multiple Water Drop Impact Damage in Layered Infrared Transparent Materials
    Peterson T.

    High-Speed Liquid Jet and Drop Impact on Brittle Targets
    Field J., Gorham D., Rickerby D.

    Damage Mechanisms in Polymers and Composites Under High-Velocity Liquid Impact
    Field J., Gorham D., Matthewson M.

    Erosion Damage in Carbon-Carbon Composites at Hypersonic Impact Velocities
    Adler W., Evans A.

    Influence of Materials Construction Variables on the Rain Erosion Performance of Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Schmitt G.

    Influence of Crystal Structure on the Failure Mode of Metals by Cavitation Erosion
    Dakshinamoorthy S., Preece C., Vaidya S.

    Influence of Test Paraments in Vibratory Cavitation Erosion Tests
    Matsumura M.

    Effect of an Air-Injected Shroud on the Breakup Length of a High-Velocity Waterjet
    Albrecht M., Eddingfield D.

    Adaptation of Jet Accumulation Techniques for Enhanced Rock Cutting
    Barker C., Mazurkiewicz M., Summers D.

    Dual-Orifice Waterjet Predictions and Experiments
    Barker C., Selberg B.

    A Study of Erosion by High-Pressure Cavitating and Noncavitating Waterjets
    Brierley W., Vijay M.

    Cavitating Jet Apparatus for Cavitation Erosion Testing
    Lichtarowicz A.

    Mechanism of Fracture of Hard Rock Using a Drag Bit Assisted by Waterjets
    Hood M.

    CAVIJET Coal-cutting parameters
    Conn A., Rudy S.

    Marine Applications of High-Pressure Waterjets
    Hilaris J., Labus T.

    Use of High-Pressure Waterjets in Utility Industry Applications
    Cheung J., Huszarik F., Reichman J.


    Committee: G02

    DOI: 10.1520/STP664-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4737-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0334-4

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