Air Quality Meteorology and Atmospheric Ozone

    Morris AL, Barras RC
    Published: 1978

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    A compendium of papers, divided into two parts:

    Part 1 devoted to Air Quality Meteorology describes practical application of atmospheric measurements and interpretation of atmospheric data for solution of everyday, environmental problems

    Part 2 devoted to Atmospheric Ozone describes techniques for studying life cycle of a pollutant in the atmosphere, the need for additional information, and the current state of knowledge of ozone.

    Table of Contents

    Barras R., Morris A.

    Barras R., Morris A.

    Standards in Meteorology
    Morris A.

    NBS Standards for Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity
    Hudson R.

    International Agreements on Standards in Operational Meteorology
    Zavos B.

    Relationship of Automated Weather Observations to Subjective Elements
    Bradley J., Lefkowitz M.

    Meteorological Instruments for Use Near the Ground: Their Selection and Use in Air Pollution Studies
    Mazzarella D.

    Applicability of a Measurement System: Sensor Response and Representativeness
    MacCready P.

    Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere from Environmental Satellites
    Allison L., Bandeen W., Laughlin C., Wexler R.

    Meteorological Radar Signal Processing
    Serafin R., Strauch R.

    Meteorological Data Processing
    Jenne R., Joseph D.

    Effects on Atmospheric Diffusion of Meteorological Processes in Coastal Zones
    Raynor G.

    Inadequacies of Atmospheric Stability Measurements and Recommendations for Improvement
    Carlson J., Castelli F., Hollister R., Smith M.

    Useful and Useless Data for Judging Air Pollution Effects on Climate
    Landsberg H.

    Dispersion from Individual Sources
    Pasquill F.

    Urban Modeling of Inert Substances
    Hanna S.

    An Overview of Atmospheric Reactive Pollutant Models
    Eschenroeder A.

    Applications of General Meteorological Models to Air Quality Problems
    Anthes R., Warner T.

    On the Development of a Guideline for Applying Air Quality Models
    Slater H., Tikvart J.

    Distribution of Atmospheric Ozone and How It Is Measured
    London J.

    Nonanthropogenic Ozone in California Urban Areas
    Stephens E.

    Effects of Weather Fronts on Ozone Transport
    Ludwig F., Shelar E.

    Weekday-Weekend Ozone Concentrations in the Northeast United States
    Cleveland W., McRae J.

    Implications of the Vertical Distribution of Ozone in the Troposphere
    Sticksel P.

    Formation and Transport of Ozone in the Northeast Quadrant of the United States
    Cederwall R., Lioy P., Meyers R., Wight G., Wolff G.

    Description and Review of Global Measurements of Atmospheric Species from the Global Atmospheric Sampling Program (GASP)
    Briehl D., Gauntner D., Holdeman J., Humenik F.

    Global Atmospheric Sampling Program: Prospects for Establishing a Tropospheric Ozone Budget from Commercial Aircraft Data
    Falconer P.

    Ozone Trends Determined from the Dobson Ozone Network
    Angell J.

    Impact of Stratospheric Ozone on Tropospheric Concentrations
    Reiter E.

    Ozone Measurements at Several Rural and Urban Sites in New York State
    Coffey P., Husain L., Mohnen V., Stasiuk W., Whitby R.

    Detection and Interpretation of Trends in Oxidant Air Quality
    Boyd C., Wayne L., Wilson K.

    Note on Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, and Particulate Matter Concentrations
    Catala J., Tejera M., Zurita M.

    Feedback Flow and Permeation Systems for the Calibration of Very Low Gas Concentrations
    Cicerone R., Kelly T., Shetter J., Shetter R., Stedman D.

    A Review of Ozone Toxicology Studies
    Parent R.

    Controlled Studies of Ozone‘s Effects on Human Health
    Bell K., Hackney J., Linn W.


    Committee: D22

    DOI: 10.1520/STP653-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4723-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0275-0

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