Adhesion Measurement of Thin Films, Thick Films, and Bulk Coatings

    Mittal KL
    Published: 1978

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    Twenty-Five papers review and asses current measurement techniques, define problem areas and galvanize increased interest in developing better and more veritable techniques for adhesion measurement for thin films, thick films, and deposits and coatings.

    Table of Contents

    Mittal K.

    Mittal K.

    Adhesion Measurement: Recent Progress, Unsolved Problems, and Prospects
    Mittal K.

    Locus of Failure and Its Implications for Adhesion Measurements
    Good R.

    Problems in Adhesion Measurement
    Bikerman J.

    Experimental Methods to Determine Locus of Failure and Bond Failure Mechanism in Adhesive Joints and Coating-Substrate Combinations
    Baun W.

    Thin-film Adhesion and Adhesive Failure—A Perspective
    Mattox D.

    Use of Fracture Mechanics Concepts in Testing of Film Adhesion
    Bascom W., Becher P., Bitner J., Murday J.

    Techniques for Measuring Adhesive Energies in Metal/Ceramic Systems
    Murr L.

    Adhesion of Thin Plasma Polymer Films to Plastics
    Crane L., Hamermesh C.

    Electromagnetic Tensile Adhesion Test Method
    Krongelb S.

    Measurements of Film-Substrate Bond Strength by Laser Spallation
    Vossen J.

    Hardness and Adhesion of Filmed Structures as Determined by the Scratch Technique
    Ahn J., MacQueen R., Mittal K.

    Threshold Adhesion Failure: An Approach to Aluminum Thin-Film Adhesion Measurement Using the Stylus Method
    Croll W., Oroshnik J.

    Adhesion of Granular Thin Films
    Faure R.

    Adhesion Measurement on Thin Evaporated Films
    Hirota H., Kuwahara K., Umemoto N.

    Adhesion Measurements on Thick-Film Conductors
    Hitch T.

    Adhesion of Thick Films to Ceramic and Its Measurement by Both Destructive and Nondestructive Means
    Morey R.

    Evaluation of Methods for Performing Adhesion Measurements of Thick-Film Terminations on Chip Components
    Ewell G.

    Adhesion Measurement Technique for Soldered Thick-Film Conductors
    Leven S.

    Adhesion of Flame-Sprayed Coatings
    Ingham H.

    Adherence Measurements and Evaluation of Thick-Film Platinum-Gold
    Schroter S.

    Adhesion Testing of Deposit-Substrate Combinations
    Dini J., Johnson H.

    Methods for Evaluating Adhesion of Photoresist Materials to Semiconductor Devices
    Deckert C.

    Effect of Aspect Ratio on Tensile Bond Strength for Butt Joint of Internal Fracture—Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
    Masuoka M., Nakao K.

    Measuring the Temperature Dependence of the Strength of Metal-Polymer Joints
    Belyi V., Egorenkov N.

    Peel Test for Determining the Adhesion of Electrodeposits on Metallic Substrates
    Dobrash S., Klingenmaier O.


    Committee: C24

    DOI: 10.1520/STP640-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5546-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0272-9

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