Fatigue of Filamentary Composite Materials

    Reifsnider KL, Lauraitis KN
    Published: 1977

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    A current worldwide review on traditional indicators used in water quality assessment. 25 papers cover automated monitoring techniques, classifications of environmental enteric strains, r-factors and salmonellae, use of bacteria in evaluation of water quality and water.

    Table of Contents

    Reifsnider K.

    Lauraitis K.

    Effect of Compression on Fatigue Properties of a Quasi-Isotropic Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Ryder J., Walker E.

    Notched and Unnotched Fatigue Behavior of Angle-Ply Graphite/Epoxy Composites
    Ramani S., Williams D.

    Mechanisms of Fatigue Crack Growth in Boron/Aluminum Laminates
    Kendall D.

    A Study of Fatigue Damage in Composites by Nondestructive Testing Techniques
    Chang F., Gardner A., Gordon D.

    Fatigue Damage of Notched Boron/Epoxy Laminates Under Constant-Amplitude Loading
    Roderick G., Whitcomb J.

    Improvement of Fatigue Life of Boron/Epoxy Laminates by Heat Treatment Under Load
    Roderick G., Sun C.

    Effects of Moisture and Fatigue on the Residual Mechanical Properties of S-Glass/Graphite/Epoxy Hybrid Composites
    Bennett L., Hofer K., Stander M.

    Effect of Temperature on Fatigue Response of Surface-Notched [(0/ ± 45/0)s]3 Graphite/Epoxy Laminate
    Kleismit R., Sendeckyj G., Stalnaker H.

    Fatigue of Composites at Cryogenic Temperatures
    Kasen M., Read D., Schramm R.

    Evaluation of Flawed Composite Structure Under Static and Cyclic Loading
    Porter T.

    Frequency Effects on a Stiffness-Based Fatigue Failure Criterion in Flawed Composite Specimens
    O'Brien T., Reifsnider K., Stinchcomb W.

    Fatigue Behavior of Composites Under Different Loading Modes
    Brogdon V., Sims D.

    Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymethylmethacrylate for Surgical Implant Applications
    Blackwell R., Bratina W., Pilliar R.

    Designing for Integrity in Long-Life Composite Aircraft Structures
    Johnson R., June R., McCarty J., Walter R.

    Fatigue and Proof-Testing of Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Awerbuch J., Hahn H.


    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP636-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4708-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0347-4

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