Aquatic Toxicology and Hazard Evaluation

    Mayer FL, Hamelink JL
    Published: 1977

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    A pioneer attempt to assess the safety of chemicals that directly of indirectly affect water based ecosystems. 22 papers provide state-of-the-art for research approaches, new applications of old methods, new data on several pesticides and other chemicals.

    Table of Contents

    Hamelink J., Mayer F.

    Hamelink J., Mayer F.

    Present Approaches to Toxicity Testing—A Perspective
    Mount D.

    The Importance of Sequential Assessment in Test Programs for Estimating Hazard to Aquatic Life
    Duthie J.

    An Industrial Approach to Evaluating Environmental Safety of New Products
    Kimerle R., Levinskas G., Metcalf J., Scharpf L.

    A New Capacitor Fluid—A Case Study in Product Stewardship
    Branson D.

    Methods for Calculating an LC50
    Stephan C.

    A Mechanical Toxicant Injector for Flow-Through Toxicity Tests
    Ozburn G., Smith A.

    A Flow-Through System for Studying Interaction of Two Toxicants on Aquatic Organisms
    Auwarter A.

    Method for Assessing Additive Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures
    Marking L.

    Mysidopsis bahia: An Estuarine Species Suitable for Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests to Determine the Effects of a Pollutant
    Bahner L., Nimmo D., Rigby R., Sheppard J., Wilson A.

    Suitability of Sheepshead Minnows (Cyprinodon variegatus) for Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests
    Hansen D., Parrish P.

    Bioassays with a Natural Assemblage of Benthic Macroinvertebrates
    Burks S., Wilhm J.

    Utility of Toxicity Tests with Embryos and Fry of Fish in Evaluating Hazards Associated with the Chronic Toxicity of Chemicals to Fishes
    Macek K., Sleight B.

    Current Bioconcentration Test Methods and Theory
    Hamelink J.

    Uptake, Clearance, and Bioconcentration of 14C-Sec-Butyl-4-Chlorodiphenyl Oxide in Rainbow Trout
    Alexander H., Bartlett E., Blanchard F., Takahashi I.

    A Model System to Study the Desorption and Biological Availability of PCB in Hydrosoils
    Halter M., Johnson H.

    Evaluation of the Significance of Waterway Sediment-Associated Contaminants on Water Quality at the Dredged Material Disposal Site
    Lee G., Mariani G.

    Application of an Evaporative Loss Model to Estimate the Persistence of Contaminants in Lentic Environments
    Hamelink J., Spacie A., Waybrant R.

    An Evaluation of Fenitrothion Toxicity in Four Life Stages of Rainbow Trout, Salmo gairdneri
    Duangsawasdi M., Klaverkamp J., Macdonald W., Majewski H.

    Acute Toxicity to and Bioconcentration of Endosulfan by Estuarine Animals
    Patrick> J., Schimmel S., Wilson A.

    The Effect of Subacute Parathion Exposure on the Locomotor Behavior of the Bluegill Sunfish and Largemouth Bass
    Rand G.

    Diet Quality in Fish Toxicology: Effects on Acute and Chronic Toxicity
    Johnson W., Mayer F., Mehrle P.

    Evaluation of the Efficacy of Sulfite Pulp Mill Pollution Abatement Using Oyster Larvae
    Cardwell R., Carr M., Sanborn E., Woelke C.


    Committee: E35

    DOI: 10.1520/STP634-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4706-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0278-1

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