Flaw Growth and Fracture

    Barsom JM
    Published: 1977

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    This publication, Flaw Growth and Fracture, contains papers presented at the Tenth National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics which was held 23-25 August 1976 at Philadelphia, Pa. The American Society for Testing and Materials' Committee E24 on Fracture Testing of Metals sponsored the symposium. J. M. Barsom, U. S. Steel Corporation, Monroeville, Pa., served as symposium chairman.

    Table of Contents

    Barsom J.

    Fracture Mechanics in the Elastic-Plastic Regime
    Paris P.

    Path Dependence of the J-Integral and the Role of J as a Parameter Characterizing the Near-Tip Field
    McMeeking R.

    Fracture Analysis Under Large-Scale Plastic Yielding: A Finite Deformation, Embedded Singularity, Elastoplastic Incremental Finite-Element Solution
    Atluri S., Chen W., Nakagaki M.

    Comparison of Compliance and Estimation Procedures for Calculating J-Integral Values
    Hickerson J.

    Evaluation of the Toughness of Thick Medium-Strength Steels by Using Linear-Elastic Fracture Mechanics and Correlations Between KIc and Charpy V-Notch
    Marandet B., Sanz G.

    Correlation Between the Fatigue-Crack Initiation at the Root of a Notch and Low-Cycle Fatigue Data
    Baus A., Lieurade H., Sanz G., Truchon M.

    Ductile Rupture Blunt-Notch Fracture Criterion
    Begley J., Landes J., Logsdon W.

    Stress-Corrosion Crack Initiation in High-Strength Type 4340 Steel
    Clark W.

    Fatigue-Crack Growth Rate Testing at High Stress Intensities
    Dowling N.

    Fatigue-Crack Propagation in Electroslag Weldments
    Imhof E., Kapadia B.

    Fatigue Growth of Surface Cracks
    Cruse T., Meyers G., Wilson R.

    Stress Intensities for Cracks Emanating from Pin-Loaded Holes
    Jolles M., Peters W., Smith C.

    Dependence of JIc on the Mechanical Properties of Ductile Materials
    Bassim M., Hay D., Lanteigne J.

    Effect of Specimen Size on J-Integral and Stress-Intensity Factor at the Onset of Crack Extension
    Keller H., Munz D.

    Determination of Stress Intensities of Through-Cracks in a Plate Structure Under Uncertain Boundary Conditions by Means of Strain Gages
    Ishikawa H., Kitagawa H.

    Determination of R-Curves for Structural Materials Using Nonlinear Mechanics Methods
    McCabe D.

    Fracture Behavior of Bridge Steels
    Irwin G., Krishna G., Roberts R.

    Fracture Characteristics of Plain and Welded 3-In.-Thick Aluminum Alloy Plate at Various Temperatures
    Brownhill D., Nelson F.

    Fracture Toughness of Random Glass Fiber Epoxy Composites: An Experimental Investigation
    Broutman L., Gaggar S.

    Effect of Cold Working on KIscc in a 4340 Steel
    Clark W.

    Corrosion Fatigue Properties of Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn (STOA)
    Hoeppner D., Krupp W., Pettit D., Ryder J.

    Effect of Thickness on Retardation Behavior of 7075 and 2024 Aluminum Alloys
    Chanani G.

    Spectrum Loading—A Useful Tool to Screen Effects of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack-Growth Resistance
    Bucci R.

    Fatigue-Crack Propagation Through a Measured Residual Stress Field in Alloy Steel
    Pook L., Sharples J., Underwood J.

    Automated Design of Stiffened Panels Against Crack Growth and Fracture Among Other Design Constraints
    Davis C.

    Evaluation of Current Procedures for Dynamic Fracture-Toughness Testing
    Server W., Sheckherd J., Wullaert R.

    Experimental Verification of the JIc and Equivalent Energy Methods for the Evaluation of the Fracture Toughness of Steels
    Marandet B., Sanz G.

    Dynamic Fracture Toughness of SA533 Grade A Class 2 Base Plate and Weldments
    Begley J., Logsdon W.

    Prediction of Fracture Toughness KIc of 2¼Cr-1Mo Pressure Steels from Charpy V-Notch Test Results
    Iwadate T., Karaushi T., Watanabe J.

    Analysis of Stable and Catastrophic Crack Growth Under Rising Load
    Varanasi S.

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP631-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4703-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0356-6

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