Fast Fracture and Crack Arrest

    Hahn GT, Kanninen MF
    Published: 1977

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    This book covers analysis of the crack arrest problem, numerical analysis methods for fast fracture and crack arrest, crack arrest determination using the double cantilever beam specimen, and experimental methods for fast fracture and crack arrest in 24 papers.

    Table of Contents

    Hahn G., Kanninen M.

    Hahn G., Kanninen M.

    Comments on Dynamic Fracturing
    Irwin G.

    Dynamic Analysis of Crack Propagation and Arrest in the Double-Cantilever-Beam Specimen
    Gehlen P., Kanninen M., Popelar C.

    Preliminary Approaches to Experimental and Numerical Study on Fast Crack Propagation and Crack Arrest
    Kanazawa T., Machida S., Teramoto T.

    Elastodynamic Effects on Crack Arrest
    Achenbach J., Tolikas P.

    A Suddenly Stopping Crack in an Infinite Strip Under Tearing Action
    Nilsson F.

    Dynamic Finite Element and Dynamic Photoelastic Analyses of Crack Arrest in Homalite-100 Plates
    Emery A., Kobayashi A., Mall S.

    Analysis of a Rapidly Propagating Crack Using Finite Elements
    Ando Y., Sakai Y., Yagawa G.

    Singularity-Element Simulation of Crack Propagation
    Aberson J., Anderson J., King W.

    Effect of Poisson's Ratio on Crack Propagation and Arrest in the Double-Cantilever-Beam Specimen
    Shmuely M.

    Dynamic Finite Difference Analysis of an Axially Cracked Pressurized Pipe Undergoing Large Deformations
    Emery A., Kobayashi A., Love W.

    Measurements of Dynamic Stress Intensity Factors for Fast Running and Arresting Cracks in Double-Cantilever-Beam Specimens
    Beinert J., Kalthoff J., Winkler S.

    A Crack Arrest Measuring Procedure for KIm, KID, and KIa Properties
    Gehlen P., Hahn G., Hoagland R., Rosenfield A.

    Characteristics of a Run-Arrest Segment of Crack Extension
    Crosley P., Ripling E.

    Crack Propagation with Crack-Tip Critical Bending Moments in Double-Cantilever-Beam Specimens
    Burns S., Chow C.

    On Effects of Plastic Flow at Fast Crack Growth
    Broberg K.

    Relation Between Crack Velocity and the Stress Intensity Factor in Birefringent Polymers
    Dally J., Kobayashi T.

    Computation of Crack Propagation and Arrest by Simulating Microfracturing at the Crack Tip
    Curran D., Seaman L., Shockey D.

    Effects of Grain Size and Temperature on Flat Fracture Propagation and Arrest in Mild Steel
    Bullock G., Smith E.

    Fracture Initiation in Metals Under Stress Wave Loading Conditions
    Costin L., Duffy J., Freund L.

    An Investigation of Axisymmetric Crack Propagation
    Bergkvist H.

    Measurement of Fast Crack Growth in Metals and Nonmetals
    Congleton J., Denton B.

    A High-Speed Digital Technique for Precision Measurement of Crack Velocities
    Rogers H., Weimer R.

    Towards Development of a Standard Test for Measuring KIa
    Crosley P., Ripling E.

    Influence of the Geometry on Unstable Crack Extension and Determination of Dynamic Fracture Mechanics Parameters
    Angelino G.


    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP627-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4700-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0341-2

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