Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects

    Sherard JL, Decker RS
    Published: 1977

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    The symposium on Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects was presented at the Seventy-ninth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Testing and Materials held in Chicago, Ill., 27 June - 2 July 1976. Committee D18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes sponsored the symposium. J. L. Sherard, consulting engineer, and R. S. Decker, Hoskins-Western-Sonderegger, Inc., presided as symposium co-chairmen and editors of this publication.

    Table of Contents

    Decker R., Sherard J.

    Some Engineering Problems with Dispersive Clays
    Decker R., Dunnigan L., Sherard J.

    Dispersive Clay at Sobradinho Dam
    Bourdeaux G., Imaizumi H.

    Dispersive Clay in Irrigation Dams in Thailand
    Chirapuntu S., Cole B., Liggins T., Maiklad P., Ratanasen C.

    Experience with Studies of Clay Erodibility in Greece
    Coumoulos D.

    Tunnel-Gully Erosion and Urban Development: A Case Study
    Crouch R.

    Chemical Treatment of a Sensitive, Cemented Clay (Champlain Clay)
    Dascal O., Hurtubise J.

    Erodibility Tests on a Sensitive, Cemented Marine Clay (Champlain Clay)
    Dascal O., Hurtubise J., Pouliot G.

    Development and Use of the Soil Conservation Service Dispersion Test
    Decker R., Dunnigan L.

    Amelioration of Tunnelling Susceptible Soils in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, by Modification of Clay Double-Layer Interactions
    Elliott G.

    Field Methods for Determination of Soluble Salts and Percent Sodium from Extract for Identifying Dispersive Clay Soils
    Flanagan C., Holmgren G.

    Experiences in Identification and Treatment of Dispersive Clays in Mississippi Dams
    Forsythe P.

    Laboratory Testing on High-Sodium Nondispersive Clays as Related to the Repair of a Clay Dam in Algeria
    Francq J., Post G.

    Erosion, Corrective Maintenance, and Dispersive Clays
    Allen R., Ghuman O., McNeill R.

    Protecting a Dispersive Soil Storage by Water Treatment
    Grant K., Ingles O., Lawrence I., Sommerville P.

    Factors Influencing Dispersive Clays and Methods of Identification
    Arulanandan K., Heinzen R.

    Factors Affecting Spontaneous Dispersion of soil Materials as Evidenced by the Crumb Test
    Flanagan C., Holmgren G.

    Conditions Causing Piping in Compacted Clay
    Altschaeffl A., Landau H.

    Erosion of Unsaturated Clay in a Pinhole Test
    Lewis D., Schmidt N.

    Identification of Dispersive Clays in the Texas Gulf Coast Area
    Marshall A., Workman J.

    The Role of Dispersion in the Slaking of Intact Clay
    Mitchell J., Moriwaki Y.

    A Rheological Approach to Dispersive Clays
    Nickel S.

    Dispersion Characteristics of Clay from Mushroom Cave, Meramec Park Lake Project, Meramec River, Missouri
    Perry E., Postol G.

    Case Histories of Repairs and Designs for Dams Built with Dispersive Clay
    Phillips J.

    Relevance of Atterberg Limits in Evaluating Piping and Breaching Potential
    Reséndiz D.

    Dispersion in Some New Zealand Clays
    Riley P.

    Identification of Susceptible Soils and Control of Tunnelling Failure in Small Earth Dams
    Rosewell C.

    Encountering Dispersive Clays on Soil Conservation Service Projects in Oklahoma
    Ryker N.

    Concept of Critical Shear Stress in Relation to Characterization of Dispersive Clays
    Sargunan A.

    Influence of Eroding Solution Composition on Dispersive Behavior of a Compacted Clay Shale
    Mitchell J., Statton C.

    Experiences with Tests of Dispersibility of Fine-Grained Soils for Dams in Colombia
    Villegas F.

    Turbidity and Zeta Potential Measurements of Clay Dispersibility
    Sethi A., Yong R.

    Dispersive Soils at Sugarloaf Dam Site, Near Melbourne, Australia
    Casinader R., Stapledon D.

    Summary—Evaluation of Symposium on Dispersive Clays
    Decker R., Sherard J.


    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP623-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4696-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0192-0

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