Cracks and Fracture

    Swedlow JL, Williams ML
    Published: 1976

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    This publication, Cracks and Fracture, contains papers presented at the Ninth National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics which was held at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., 25-27 Aug. 1975. The Symposium was sponsored by Committee E24 on Fracture Testing of Metals of the American Society for Testing and Materials. J. L. Swedlow, Carnegie-Mellon University, and M. L. Williams, University of Pittsburgh, presided as symposium co-chairmen.

    Table of Contents

    Swedlow J., Williams M.

    Method for Laboratory Determination of Jc
    Sumpter J., Turner C.

    Geometry Effects and the J-Integral Approach to Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Crack Growth
    Dowling N.

    Derivation of a Low-Cycle Fatigue Relationship Employing the J-Integral Approach to Crack Growth
    Mowbray D.

    Relevance of Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics to Creep Cracking
    Nikbin K., Turner C., Webster G.

    Assessment of Strength-Probability-Time Relationships in Ceramics
    Lenoe E., Neal D.

    Application of Fracture Mechanics to the Thermostructural Failure of Graphite
    Cull A., Irwin G., Starrett H.

    Fracture Toughness of ATJ-S Graphite and CVD Carbon-Carbon Composites at Elevated Temperatures
    Hettche L., Tucker T.

    Mixed Mode Fracture in Anisotropic Media
    Birch M., Williams J.

    Applicability of the KIScc Concept to Very Small Defects
    Clark W.

    Mean Stress and Environmental Effects on Near Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth
    Mautz J., Weiss V.

    Notch-Yield Ratio as a Quality Control Index for Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness
    Bucci R., Kaufman J., Kohm R., Sha G.

    Ductile Fracture of Cylindrical Vessels Containing a Large Flaw
    Erdogan F., Irwin G., Ratwani M.

    Pilot Study of the Fracture Arrest Capabilities of A553B Steel
    Hahn G., Hoagland R., Kanninen M., Rosenfield A.

    Note on the Dependence of Crack Velocity on Driving Force for an Epoxy Adhesive
    Crosley P., Mostovoy S., Ripling E.

    Predicting Fatigue Crack Retardation Under Single and Intermittent Overloading
    Dubensky R., Morman K.

    Three-Dimensional Stress Distribution of a Double-Cantilever Beam with a Side Notch
    Kirkwood W., Prado M.

    Fracture Dynamics of Wedge-Loaded Double Cantilever Beam Specimen
    Kobayashi A., Lee M., Mall S.

    Preliminary Results of a Program for Developing Fracture Toughness Data on Ferritic Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steels
    Server W., Smith R., Stahlkopf K., Wullaert R.

    JIc Test Results From Two Steels
    Underwood J.

    Influence of Configuration on R-Curve Shape and Gc When Plane Stress Conditions Prevail
    Adams N.

    Fatigue Crack Growth and J-Integral Fracture Parameters of Ti-6Al-4V at Ambient and Cryogenic Temperatures
    Tobler R.

    Effect of Cooling Rate on Fracture Behavior of Mill-Annealed Ti-6Al-4V
    Bjeletich J., Crossley F., Lewis R., Morton T.

    Fracture Toughness Testing of Glassy Plastics
    Dunlap R., Margolis R., Markovitz H.

    Brittle Fracture (KIc) Behavior of Cracks Emanating from Notches
    Barsom J., Novak S.

    Weight Functions for Three-Dimensional Symmetrical Crack Problems
    Heliot J., Labbens R., Pellissier-Tanon A.

    The Weight Function Method for Determining Stress Intensity Factors
    McMeeking R., Paris P., Tada H.

    A Laser Interferometry Method for Experimental Stress Intensity Factor Calibration
    Grandt A., Macha D., Sharpe W.

    Criteria for Growth of the Angled Crack
    Swedlow J.

    Crack Tip Strain—A Comparison of Finite Element Method Calculations and Moiré Measurements
    Hu W., Liu H.

    Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Crack Extension at Nozzle Junctions
    Broekhoven M.

    Side-Cracked Plates Subject to Combined Direct and Bending Forces
    Gross B., Srawley J.

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP601-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4676-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0318-4

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