Soil Specimen Preparation for Laboratory Testing

    Sangrey DA, Mitchell RJ
    Published: 1976

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    A very interesting book showing the effects of poor field sampling and preparation on final laboratory results. A must for civil engineers and soil scientists

    Table of Contents

    Mitchell R., Sangrey D.

    Effect of Water Saturation History on the Strength of Low-Porosity Rocks
    Ballivy G., Gill D., Ladanyi B.

    Four Factors Influencing Observed Rock Properties
    Chamberlain P., Podnieks E., Van Eeckhout E.

    Trimming Device for Obtaining Direct Shear Specimens from Samples of Stiff Fissured Clay Shale
    Durham G.

    Effects of Specimen Type on the Residual Strength of Clays and Clay Shales
    Gilbert P., Townsend F.

    Effects of Storage and Extrusion on Sample Properties
    Arman A., McManis K.

    Transportation, Preparation, and Storage of Frozen Soil Samples for Laboratory Testing
    Baker T.

    Temperature-Controlled Humid Storage Room
    Bozozuk M.

    Effect of Storage and Reconsolidation on the Properties of Champlain Clays
    La Rochelle P., Roy M., Sarrailh J., Tavenas F.

    Pore Water Extraction and the Effect of Sample Storage on the Pore Water Chemistry of Leda Clay
    Torrance J.

    Variation in Atterberg Limits of Soils Due to Hydration History and Specimen Preparation
    Noonan D., Sangrey D., Webb G.

    Effect of Specimen Preparation Method on Grain Arrangement and Compressibility in Sand
    Lindblom U., Mahmood A., Mitchell J.

    A Technique for the Preparation of Specimens of Loose Layered Silts
    D'Andrea R., Nacci V.

    Shrinkage of Soil Specimens During Preparation for Porosimetry Tests
    Almaleh L., Zimmie T.

    Compaction and Preparation of Soil Specimens for Oedometer Testing
    Booth A.

    Laboratory Preparation of Specimens for Simulating Field Moisture Conditions of Partially Saturated Soils
    Chen S., Chu T.

    Scalping and Replacement Effects on the Compaction Characteristics of Earth-Rock Mixtures
    Donaghe R., Townsend F.

    Study of Irregular Compaction Curves
    Lee P.

    Importance of Specimen Preparation in Microscopy
    Gillott J.

    Use of Ultrasonic Energy for Disaggregation of Soil Samples
    Johnson A., Mostoh R.

    Soil Drying by Microwave Oven
    Lade P., Nejadi-Babadai H.

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP599-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5588-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0790-8

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