Mechanics of Crack Growth

    Rice JR, Paris PC
    Published: 1976

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    This publication, Mechanics of Crack Growth, contains papers presented at the Eighth National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics which was held at Brown University, Providence, R. I., 26-28 Aug. 1974. The symposium was sponsored by Committee E24 on Fracture Testing of Metals of the American Society for Testing and Materials. J. R. Rice and P. C. Paris, Brown University, presided as symposium co-chairmen.

    Table of Contents

    Paris P., Rice J.

    J-Integral Estimates for Strain Hardening Materials in Antiplane Shear Using Fully Plastic Solution
    Shih C.

    Single Specimen Tests for JIc Determination
    Andrews W., Clarke G., Paris P., Schmidt D.

    Elastic Plastic (JIc) Fracture Toughness Values: Their Experimental Determination and Comparison with Conventional Linear Elastic (KIc Fracture Toughness Values for Five Materials
    Logsdon W.

    Application of the J-Integral to the Initiation of Crack Extension in a Titanium 6Al-4V Alloy
    Griffis C., Yoder G.

    Fatigue Crack Growth During Gross Plasticity and the J-Integral
    Begley J., Dowling N.

    A Simple Method for Measuring Tearing Energy of Nicked Rubber Strips
    Oh H.

    A Study of Plane Stress Fracture in the Large-Scale Plastic Yielding Regime
    Heldt L., Kuhn B., Tardiff G.

    A Fracture Mechanics Approach to Creep Crack Growth
    Begley J., Landes J.

    Creep Cracking in 2219-T851 Plate at Elevated Temperatures
    Bogardus K., Kaufman J., Malcolm R., Mauney D.

    Investigation of R-Curve Using Comparative Tests with Center-Cracked-Tension and Crack-Line-Wedge-Loaded Specimens
    McCabe D., Wang D.

    Ductility, Fracture Resistance, and R-Curves
    Sengupta M., Weiss V.

    What R-Curves Can Tell Us About Specimen Size Effects in the KIc Test
    Lake R.

    Effect of Specimen Size on Fracture Toughness of a Titanium Alloy
    Galda K., Link F., Munz D.

    Resistance to Plane-Stress Fracture (R-Curve Behavior) of A572 Structural Steel
    Novak S.

    Running Ductile Fracture in a Pressurized Line Pipe
    Freund L., Parks D., Rice J.

    Mixed-Mode Fracture of Shear Panels—A Finite Element Analysis
    Chiu S., Liu A.

    A Finite-Element Analysis of Fatigue Crack Closure
    Newman J.

    A Preliminary Study of Fatigue Crack Retardation Using Laser Interferometry to Measure Crack Surface Displacements
    Grandt A., Sharpe W.

    Effect of Stress Ratio and Overload Ratio on Fatigue Crack Delay and Arrest Behavior Due to Single Peak Overloads
    Hillberry B., Himmelein M.

    Predicting Fatigue Crack Retardation Following a Single Overload Using a Modified Wheeler Model
    Gallagher J., Gray T.

    Cyclic Crack Growth Analysis for Notched Structures at Elevated Temperatures
    Gamble R., Paris P.

    Practical Method for Calculating Stress-Intensity Factors Through Weight Functions
    Heliot J., Labbens R., Pellissier-Tanon A.

    Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Continuous Surface Flaws in Reactor Pressure Vessels
    Bamford W., Buchalet C.

    Residual Life Estimates for Structures with Partial Thickness Cracks
    Besuner P.

    Application of Fracture Mechanics to the Calculation of Deflections in Stepped Structural Elements
    Bluhm J.

    Stress Intensity Factors for Through and Part-Through Cracks Originating at Fastener Holes
    Shah R.

    Stress Intensity Factors for Deep Cracks Emanating from the Corner Formed by a Hole Intersecting a Plate Surface
    McGowan J., Smith C.

    Stress Intensity Factor of a Corner Crack
    Enetanya A., Kobayashi A.

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP590-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4669-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0509-6

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