Zirconium in Nuclear Applications

    Schemel JH, Rosenbaum HS
    Published: 1974

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    The Symposium on Zirconium in Nuclear Applications was held 21–24 August 1973 in Portland, Ore., and was co-sponsored by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee B-10 on Refractory Metals and Alloys and by the Institute of Metals Division, The Metallurgical Society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME). Program planning was done jointly by representatives of the ASTM Subcommittee B10.02 on Zirconium and Hafnium and by the TMS-IMD Nuclear Metallurgy Committee of AIME. J.H. Schemel, AMAX Specialty Metals Corp., presided as the symposium chairman, and H.S. Rosenbaum, General Electric Co., served as the symposium co-chairman. The session chairman and co-chairman included: A.L. Bement, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; A. Lowe, Jr., Babcock & Wilcox Company; M.L. Picklesimer, National Bureau of Standards; P.L. Rittenhouse, Union Carbide Corporation; D.E. Thomas, Westinghouse Electric Company; J. Wahler, Combustion Engineering, Inc.; and C.D. Williams, General Electric Company.

    Table of Contents

    Rosenbaum H., Schemel J.





    Zirconium for Nuclear Primary Steam Systems
    Webster R.

    Development of a Closed-End Burst Test Procedure for Zircaloy Tubing
    Hardy D., Lowe A., Stewart J.

    Uniform Ultrasonic Inspection of Fuel Sheath Tubing
    Abbott D., Cross B.

    Defect Sensitivity in “Lamb Wave” Testing of Thin-Walled Tubing
    Wiklund J.

    Improved Metallography of Zirconium Alloys
    Baroch E., Danielson P., Kaufmann P.

    Determination of Solid Solubility Limit of Hydrogen in Alpha Zirconium by Internal Friction Measurements
    Asundi M., Mishra S.

    Dual Analysis of Longitudinal and Transverse Zirconium Tensile Stress-Strain Data
    Garde A., Reed-Hill R.

    Determination of Complete Plane-Stress Yield Loci of Zircaloy Tubing
    Drefahl K., Dressler G., Matucha K., Wincierz P.

    Effect of Thermomechanical Processing and Heat Treatment on the Properties of Zr-3Nb-1Sn Strip and Tubing
    Curtis R., Dressler G.

    Potential for Improvement of Mechanical Properties in Zircaloy Cold-Rolled Strip and Sheet
    Baroch E., Kaufmann P.

    Effect of the Annealing Temperature on the Creep Strength of Cold-Worked Zircaloy -4 Cladding
    Frenkel J., Weisz M.

    Thermomechanical Control of Texture and Tensile Properties of Zircaloy-4 Plate
    Dahl J., McKenzie R., Schemel J.

    Creep Strength of Zircaloy Tubing at 400°C as Dependent on Metallurgical Structure and Texture
    Andersson T., Hofvenstam A., Källström K.

    Pilger Tooling Design for Texture Control
    McKenzie R., Schemel J.

    Operable Deformation Systems and Mechanical Behavior of Textured Zircaloy Tubing
    Tenckhoff E.

    Directionality of the Grain Boundary Hydride in Zircaloy-2
    Ishino S., Kawanishi H., Mishima Y.

    Use of Ion Bombardment to Study Irradiation Damage in Zirconium Alloys
    Adamson R., Bell W., Lee D.

    Mechanisms of Irradiation Creep in Zirconium-Base Alloys
    Dollins C., Nichols F.

    In—Reactor Creep of Zr—2.5Nb Tubes at 570 K
    Ibrahim E.

    In—Reactor Stress Relaxation of Zirconium Alloys
    Causey A.

    High Deformation Creep Behavior of 0.6-in.-Diameter Zirconium Alloy Tubes Under Irradiation
    Wood D.

    Suppression of Void Formation in Zirconium
    Yoo M.

    Deformation of Irradiated Zirconium-Niobium Alloys
    Ells C.

    Variation of Zircaloy Fracture Toughness in Irradiation
    Kass J., Walker T.

    Strength and Ductility of Neutron Irradiated and Textured Zircaloy-2
    Lee D., Rieger G.

    Plastic Instability in Irradiated Zr-Sn and Zr-Nb Alloys
    Cheadle B., Ellis C., van der Kuur J.

    Assessment of Fracture Studies on Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tubes
    Cowan A., Johnson E., Pickles B.

    Irradiation Damage Recovery in Some Zirconium Alloys
    Carpenter G., Watters J.

    Stress Corrosion Cracking of Zircaloys in Iodine Containing Environments
    Cox B.

    Microstructure of the Oxide Films Formed on Zirconium-Based Alloys
    Airey G., McDonald S., Sabol G.

    Corrosion and Hydriding Performance of Zircaloy Tubing After Extended Exposure in the Shippingport Pressurized Water Reactor
    Hillner E.

    Characterization of Zircaloy Oxidation Films
    Urquhart A., Vermilyea D.

    Fracture of Zircaloy-2 in an Environment Containing Iodine
    van der Schaaf B.

    Study of Zirconium Alloy Corrosion Parameters in the Advanced Test Reactor
    Johnson A., LeSurf J., Proebstle R.

    Effect of Surface Treatment on the Irradiation Enhancement of Corrosion of Zircaloy-2 in HBWR
    Lunde L., Videm K.

    Committee: B10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP551-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4640-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0757-1

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