Composite Materials: Testing and Design (Third Conference)

    Berg CA, McGarry FJ, Elliott SY
    Published: 1974

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    The Third Conference on Composite Materials: Testing and Design was held 21-22 March 1973 in Williamsburg, Va. Committee D30 on High Modulus Fibers and Their Composites of the American Society for Testing and Materials sponsored the conference in conjunction with the Metallurgical Society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. C. A. Berg, University of Pittsburgh, F. J. McGarry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and S. Y. Elliott, Douglas Aircraft Company, served as coordinators. Most of the papers presented at the eight sessions are included in the volume which complements the first and second conference publications, ASTM STP 460 and ASTM STP 497, Composite Materials: Testing and Design.

    Table of Contents

    Elliott S.

    Microbuckling of Lamina-Reinforced Composites
    Greszczuk L.

    Analysis of the Flexure Test for Laminated Composite Materials
    Browning C., Mair A., Whitney J.

    Methods for Determining the Elastic and Viscoelastic Response of Composite Materials
    Halpin J., Sims D.

    Analysis, Testing, and Design of Filament Wound, Carbon-Carbon Burst Tubes
    Guess T., Reuter R.

    Elastic Torsional Buckling of Thin-Walled Composite Cylinders
    Dexter H., Marlowe D., Sushinsky G.

    A Correlation Study of Finite-Element Modeling for Vibrations of Composite Material Panels
    Clary R., Thornton E.

    Probabilistic Concepts in Modeling the Tensile Strength Behavior of Fiber Bundles and Unidirectional Fiber/Matrix Composites
    Phoenix S.

    Debonding of Rigid Inclusions in Plane Elastostatic
    Sendenckyj G.

    On the Determination of Physical Properties of Composite Materials by a Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Procedure
    Kang S., Rentzepis G.

    Laminate Strength—A Direct Characterization Procedure
    Scheublein J., Wu E.

    Stress-Rupture Behavior of Strands of an Organic Fiber/Epoxy Matrix
    Chiao T., Hamstad M., Moore R., Wells J.

    Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on the Tensile Properties of Boron-Aluminum and Boron-Epoxy Composites
    Meyn D.

    Methods of Fiber and Void Measurement in Graphite/Epoxy Composites
    Cilley E., Roylance D., Schneider N.

    Evaluation of Experimental Methods for Determining Dynamic Stiffness and Damping of Composite Materials
    Bert C., Clary R.

    Effect of Salt Water and High-Temperature Exposure on Boron-Aluminum Composites
    Dardi L., Kreider K.

    Effects of Moisture on the Properties of High-Performance Structural Resins and Composites
    Browning C., Hartness J.

    Materials Parameters that Govern the Erosion Behavior of Polymeric Composites in Subsonic Rain Environments
    Schmitt G.

    Lightning Protection for Composites
    Clark H.

    Torsional Fatigue Behavior of Unidirectional Resin Matrix Composites
    Novak R.

    Geometric and Loading Effects on Strength of Composite Plates with Cutouts
    Daniel I., Rowlands R., Whiteside J.

    Crack-Tip Deformation Measurements Accompanying Fracture in Fibrous and Laminar Composites
    Underwood J.

    Uniaxial, Biaxial, and Fatigue Properties of Polyester Fiber Glass
    Compton P., Dunlap W., Irwin L.

    Interlaminar Shear Fatigue Characteristics of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials
    Pipes R.

    Mechanical and Physical Properties of Advanced Composites
    Freeman W., Kuebeler G.

    Evaluation of Graphite Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites for Use in Unlubricated Sliding Bearings
    Blackstone W., Brown R.

    Wear of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Material
    Ward A.

    Effect of Filament-Matrix Interdiffusion on the Fatigue Resistance of Boron-Aluminum Composite
    Hancock J., Shaw G.

    The Notched Tensile Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites
    Prewo K.

    Reinforcement of Metals with Advanced Filamentary Composites
    Davis J., Dexter H., Herakovich C.

    Comparison of the Mechanical Behavior of Filamentary Reinforced Aluminum and Titanium Alloys
    Toth I.

    Plastic Deformation Processing and Compressive Failure Mechanism in Aluminum Composite Materials
    Chang M., Scala E.

    Tolerance of Advanced Composites to Ballistic Damage
    Olster E., Roy P.

    Analysis of Filament-Reinforced Spherical Pressure Vessels
    Gerstle F.

    Developments of a Unique Graphite/Epoxy Antenna Subreflector*
    Lofgren C., Robinson E., Stonier R.

    Low-Weight, Impact-Resistant Helicopter Drive Shafts
    Figge I., Henshaw J., Olster E., Roy P.

    Experimental Stress Intensity Factor Measurements in Orthotropic Composites
    Berg C., Tirosh J.

    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP546-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4639-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0308-5

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