Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures

    Carden AE, McEvily AJ, Wells CH
    Published: 1973

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    One the most complete books of its type ever published, this book contains 60 papers dealing with the mechanism of fatigue, test methods, materials, thermal ratcheting, and lifetime prediction and design.

    Table of Contents



    Fatigue at High Temperature
    Coffin L.

    Mechanisms of High-Temperature Fatigue
    Gell M., Leverant G.

    Correlation of Substructure with the Elevated Temperature Low-Cycle Fatigue of AISI 304 and 316 Stainless Steels
    Challenger K., Moteff J.

    Relationship Between Thermal Fatigue and Low-cycle Fatigue at Elevated Temperature
    Taira S.

    Fatigue of Protective Metal Oxides in Combustion Chamber Exhaust Gases
    Dils R.

    Effects of Frequency and Environment on Fatigue Crack Growth in A286 at 1100 F
    Coffin L., Solomon H.

    Extent to Which Material Properties Control Fatigue Failure at Elevated Temperatures
    Sumner G., Tomkins B., Wareing J.

    Temperature Dependence of Fatigue Crack Propagation in an Al-2.6Mg Alloy
    Burns D., Jeglic F., Niessen P.

    Derivation of a Failure Law for Creep Under a Cyclic Stress
    Williams J.

    Creep-Fatigue Interaction during Crack Growth
    Atanmo P., McEvily A.

    Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Crack Propagation in Nickel- and Cobalt-Base Superalloys Under Various Strain-Temperature Cycles
    Gemma A., Leverant G., Rau C.

    Threshold for Fatigue Crack Growth in Ferritic Steels at 300 C
    Beveridge A., Pook L.

    Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures: A Review of Test Methods
    Carden A.

    Discussion of the Test Method and Equipment for the Evaluation of Low-Cycle Creep-Fatigue Failure Criteria
    Gusenkov A., Schneiderovitch R.

    High-Temperature Fatigue Testing of Automotive Valve Steels
    Vitcha E.

    Evaluation of Thermal Fatigue Resistance of Metals Using the Fluidized Bed Technique
    Howes M.

    Thermoacoustic Fatigue Testing Facility for Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System
    Grandle R., Rucker C.

    Fatigue of Supersonic Transport Materials Using Simulated Flight-by-Flight Loading
    Imig L.

    Ultrasonic Fatigue in Steam with Small Amounts of Sodium Chloride
    Conn A., Nielsen N.

    Fatigue in the Design of High-Temperature Alloys
    Gibson R., Maxwell D., Merrick H.

    Effects of Grain Size and Temperature on the Cyclic Strength and Fracture of Iron
    Abdel-Raouf H., Plumtree A., Topper T.

    Creep Testing of Alpha Iron During Thermal Cycling
    Brandon D., Eylon D., Rosen A.

    High-Strain Fatigue Properties of Cast ½Cr-Mo-V Steels
    Elder W., Marriott J., Murphy M.

    Effect of Carbon Content on High-Temperature Properties of 2%Cr-1Mo Steels
    Seeley R., Zeisloft R.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation in Steel Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
    McHenry H., Pense A.

    Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Types 304 and 316 Stainless Steel at LMFBR Operating Temperature
    Cheng C., Diercks D., Weeks R.

    Combined Low-Cycle Fatigue and Stress Relaxation of Alloy 800 and Type 304 Stainless Steel at Elevated Temperatures
    Jaske C., Mindlin H., Perrin J.

    Effects of Combined Creep and Fatigue Loading on an Austenitic Stainless Steel at High Temperature
    Coote R., Le May I., White W.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics of Several Austenitic Stainless Steels at High Temperature
    Shahinian P., Smith H., Watson H.

    Effect of Several Metallurgical Variables on the Thermal Fatigue Behavior of Superalloys
    Boone D., Sullivan C.

    Thermal Fatigue Characterization of Cast Cobalt and Nickel-Base Superalloys
    Brandt D., Mowbray D., Woodford D.

    High-Cycle Fatigue Properties of a Dispersion Strengthened Nickel-Base Superalloy
    Bomford M., Weber J.

    Effect of Mean Stress on the High-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Udimet 710 at 1000 F
    Moon D., Sabol G.

    Bend Fatigue of Two Iron-Nickel-Base Superalloys at Elevated Temperature
    Opinsky A.

    Combined Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Inconel Alloy X-750
    Ferguson D., Taplin D., Venkiteswaran P.

    Low-Cycle Fatigue with Combined Thermal and Strain Cycling
    Davidson D., Lindholm U.

    Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Zircaloy at 573 K
    Hosbons R.

    Thermal Fatigue Behavior of T-111 and ASTAR 811C in Ultrahigh Vacuum
    Doble G., Sheffler K.

    Effect of Interrupting Fatigue by Periods of Heat for Aluminum Alloy Structural Elements
    Heath-Smith J., Kiddle F.

    Test Results of Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures on Aeronautical Materials
    Galmard P., Vidal G.

    Effect of Surface Integrity on Fatigue of Structural Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
    Koster W., Prevey P.

    Review of Thermal Ratchetting
    Burgreen D.

    Ratchetting Under Cyclic Axial Strain with Torsional Stress
    Asada Y., Wakamatsu Y., Yamanouchi H.

    Analytical and Experimental Study of Thermal Ratchetting
    McEvily A., Swaroop A.

    Predicting Service Life in a Fatigue-Creep Environment
    Ellison E., Smith E.

    A Realistic Model for the Deformation Behavior of High-Temperature Materials
    Milled A.

    Ductility Exhaustion Model for Prediction of Thermal Fatigue and Creep Interaction
    Polhemus J., Spaeth C., Vogel W.

    Strain Rate and Holdtime Saturation in Low-Cycle Fatigue: Design-Parameter Plots
    Berling J., Conway J., Stentz R.

    Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Thermal Fatigue Lives for Five Nickel-Base Alloys
    Spera D.

    Temperature Effects on the Strainrange Partitioning Approach for Creep Fatigue Analysis
    Halford G., Hirschberg M., Manson S.

    Kinetic Deformation Criteria of Cyclic Fracture at High Temperature
    Gusenkov A., Schneiderovitch R., Serensen S.

    Method for Low-Cycle Fatigue Design Including Biaxial Stress and Notch Effects
    Gonyea D.

    Some Considerations of the Application of Cyclic Data to the Design of Welded Structures
    Darlaston B., Walters D.

    Elevated Temperature Test of Welded Furnace Wall Sections
    Bynum J., Lawton C.

    Parametric Study to Establish Design Curves and to Evaluate Design Rules for Ratchetting
    Branca T., McLean J.

    Nondestructive Testing in Fatigue: A 1972 Update
    Socky R.

    Codes: Asset or Liability?
    Cooper W.

    The Challenge to Unify Treatment of High Temperature Fatigue—A Partisan Proposal Based on Strainrange Partitioning
    Manson S.


    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP520-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5576-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-5528-2

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