Paint Testing Manual

    Sward GG
    Published: 1972

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    The most complete manual of its type ever published. Eleven parts cover optical, physical, mechanical, and chemical properties; weather, film and whole paint testing, raw materials, specific products, instrumentation and specifications.

    Table of Contents

    Color and Light
    Hammond H., Keane T.

    Hammond H.

    Hiding Power
    Mitton P.

    Mass Color and Tinting Strength
    Mitton P.

    Drying Oils
    Gallagher E.

    Driers and Metallic Soaps
    Sward G.

    Natural Resins
    Sward G.

    Synthetic Resins
    Swann M.

    Sward G.

    Riley H.

    Ellis W.

    Spengeman W.

    Density, Specific Gravity, and Bulking Values
    Sward G.

    Viscosity and Consistency
    McGuian J.

    Surface Energetics
    Gans D.

    Particle Size Measurement
    Jacobsen A., Sward G.

    Oil Absorption of Pigments
    Sward G.

    Preparation of Films for Test
    Grenko C.

    Measurement of Film Thickness
    Sward G.

    Drying Time
    Sward G.

    Hardness and Related Properties
    Corcoran E.

    Abrasion Resistance
    Roberts A.

    Corcoran E.

    Schurr G.

    Tensile Strength and Elongation
    Schurr G.

    Resistance to Water Vapor and Liquid in the Atmosphere
    Grossman G.

    Chemical Resistance
    Boylan J.

    Fire Retardance and Heat Resistance
    Van Heuckeroth A.

    Biological Deterioration of Paints and Paint Films
    Ross R.

    Natural Weathering
    Garlock N., Sward G.

    Artificial Weathering
    Garlock N., Sward G.

    Atmospheric Pollutants
    Scofield F.

    Tests on Varnishes
    Montague L.

    Architectural Paint
    Sward G.

    Cement-Base Paint and the Painting of Masonry
    Nevins T.

    Waxes and Polishes
    Sward G.

    Putty, Glazing Compounds, Caulking Compounds, and Sealants
    Sward G.

    Tile-Like Coatings and Seamless Floor Testing
    Bieneman R., Evans R.

    Bituminous Coatings
    McCowen H.

    Traffic Paint
    Sward G.

    Paint for Marine Environment
    Barry H., Lohr R.

    Paint for Electrocoating
    Brewer G., Hamilton R.

    Printing Ink
    Ray C.

    Sampling, Separations, and Identification of Binder and Solvent
    McGinness J.

    Chemical Analysis of Pigments
    Sward G.

    Lind W.

    Esposito G.

    Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
    Lewis W.

    Infrared Spectroscopy
    Lewis W.

    Atomic Absorption and Flame Emission Spectroscopy
    Duffer J.

    Mass Spectrometry
    Blosser E., Neher M.

    Berger H.

    Constant-Current Coulometry
    Berger H.

    Differential Thermal Analysis
    Berger H.

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    Afremow L.

    Sources of Specifications
    Sward G., Weaver J.


    Committee: D01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP500-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4607-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0099-2

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