Composite Materials: Testing and Design (Second Conference)

    Corten HT
    Published: 1972

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    The Second Conference on Composite Materials: Testing and Design was held 20-22 April 1971 in Anaheim, Calif. Committee D30 on High Modulus Fibers and Their Composites of the American Society for Testing and Materials sponsored the conference, in conjunction with the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. H. T. Corten of the College of Engineering, University of Illinois, served as conference and program chairman. Of the 53 papers presented at the ten sessions, 36 are included in the volume, which complements the first conference publication, ASTM STP 460, Composite Materials: Testing and Design.

    Table of Contents

    Corten H.

    Design, Analysis, and Testing of an Advanced Composite F-111 Fuselage
    Ashton J., Burdorf M., Olson F.

    Design Philosophy for Boron/Epoxy Structures
    Hadcock R.

    A Brief Survey of Empirical Multiaxial Strength Criteria for Composites
    Sendeckyj G.

    Design and Fabrication of Tubular Specimens for Composite Characterization
    Pagano N., Pipes R., Whitney J.

    A Finite Element Analysis for Stress Distribution in Gripped Tubular Specimens
    Rizzo R., Vicario A.

    Mechanical Behavior of Carbon/Carbon Filamentary Composites
    Bert C., Guess T.

    Mechanical Behavior of Three-Dimensional Composite Ablative Materials
    Adsit N., Carnahan K., Green J.

    Thermal Expansion Characteristics of Graphite Reinforced Composite Materials
    Campbell M., Freeman W.

    Fatigue of Composites
    Salkind M.

    A New Theory to Predict Cumulative Fatigue Damage in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
    Broutman L., Sahu S.

    Toughening Mechanisms in Continuous Filament Unidirectionally Reinforced Composites
    Jones R., Olster E.

    Analysis of Short Beam Bending of Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Berg C., Israeli M., Tirosh J.

    The Engineering Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials by a Pure Moment Test
    Anderson W., Hill R.

    The Influence of Local Failure Modes on the Compressive Strength of Boron/Epoxy Composites
    Hadcock R., Suarez J., Whiteside J.

    The Embedded Strain Gage Technique for Testing Boron/Epoxy Composites
    Ahimaz F., Daniel I., Liber T., Mullineaux J.

    The Preparation and Testing of Miniature Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
    McLoughlin J.

    Acoustic Emission from Composite Materials
    Liptai R.

    Toughness of Filamentary Boron/Aluminum Composites
    Hancock J., Swanson G.

    Impact Behavior of Unidirectional Resin Matrix Composites Tested in the Fiber Direction
    DeCrescente M., Novak R.

    Impact Resistance of Unidirectional Fiber Composites
    Chamis C., Hanson M., Serafini T.

    Pendulum Impact Resistance of Tungsten Fiber/Metal Matrix Composites
    Petrasek D., Winsa E.

    Stress Concentrations and Failure Criteria for Orthotropic and Anisotropic Plates with Circular Openings
    Greszczuk L.

    Reinforced Cutouts in Graphite Composite Structures
    Cross S., Kocher L.

    The Strength of Bolted Connections in Graphite/Epoxy Composites Reinforced by Colaminated Boron Film
    Padawer G.

    Vibration Characteristics of Unidirectional Filamentary Composite Material Panels
    Clary R.

    Analysis of an Improved Boron/Aluminum Composite
    Christian J., Jones R.

    Off-Axis and Transverse Tensile Properties of Boron Reinforced Aluminum Alloys
    Hancock J., Swanson G.

    The Initiation and Growth of Fatigue Cracks in Filament Reinforced Aluminum Alloys
    Hancock J.

    Creep Behavior of Elastic Fiber/Epoxy Matrix Composite Materials
    Kicher T., Koeneman J.

    Required Critical Aspect Ratio of Fibers Intended for Stress Rupture Applications
    Jech R.

    Neutron Irradiation Effects on a Metal Matrix Composite
    Jones R., Kvam K.

    The Transverse Strength of Boron Fibers
    Kreider K., Prewo K.

    Evaluation of Unidirectional Glass-Graphite Fiber/Epoxy Resin Composites
    Kalnin I.

    Filament Misalignment and Composite Strength
    Claus W.

    Tensile Behavior of Bead Filled Composites
    Lavengood R., Narkis M., Nicolais L.

    Carbon/Carbon Composites—Solid Rocket Nozzle Material Processing, Design, and Testing
    Canfield A., Laramee R.

    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP497-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4606-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0134-0

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