Symposium on Cleaning and Materials Processing for Electronics and Space Apparatus

    Committee F-1
    Published: 1963

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    Table of Contents

    Standing S.

    Portable Low-Cost Polyethylene Ultraclean Assembly Areas
    Rich C., Trace C., White J.

    A New Principle for Airborne Contamination Control in Clean Rooms and Work Stations
    Mashburn J., Neitzel W., Whitfield W.

    A Comparison of Dust Count Data Obtained from Different Measuring Methods
    Marsh R.

    A Review of the Gravity-Settling Technique for Measuring Airborne Dust in Electron Device Processing Areas
    Selby E.

    Enumeration of Airborne Particulate Matter by the Scattered Light Technique
    Pudvin J.

    A Referee Method for Sizing and Counting of Airborne Particulate Contamination
    Cotton R., Williamsen C.

    Tentative Method for Sizing and Counting Airborne Particulate Contamination in Clean Rooms and Other Dust-Controlled Areas Designed for Electronic and Similar Applications

    The Silting Index: An Evaluation of Micron and Submicron Contamination in Liquids
    Dwyer J.

    Chemical Factors in the use and Handling of Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    Black R., Hawkinson A.

    Effect of Temperature on Resistance of Ultrapure Organic Solvents
    Balsbaugh S., Smith V.

    Chemical Durability Evaluation of Electronic Glasses
    Wiens B.

    Methods of Evaluating Sonic Cleaning Systems
    Farris J.

    Effect of Temperature on Ultrasonic Cavitation of Fluorinated Solvents
    Smallwood J.

    The Role of Cavitation in Sonic Energy Cleaning
    Bulat T.

    An Instrument for the Contactless Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime
    Currin C., Smith F.

    Photography and Metal Parts Production
    Spear D.

    An Ionized Gas Jet Surface Cleaner
    Krieger G.

    Characteristics of Frequency Control Devices for Satellite Environments
    Reynolds R., Spencer W.

    Doping of Germanium Transistor Surfaces by Fluid-Base Encapsulant Systems
    Borofsky A., Partridge J.

    Both Reversible and Permanent Effects of Moisture After Stress on Electrical Characteristics of Germanium Transistors
    Borofsky A., Partridge J.

    Some Experiments on Water Introduced Into Electron Tubes
    Frost H.

    Evaluation of Polycrystalline Silicon Batches for Czochralski Crystal Pulling
    Kramer H.

    Infrared-Tested Surface Properties of Semiconductor Wafers
    Bogenschuetz A., Schuetze H.

    Evaluation of Semiconductor Epitaxial Layers Report of Subcommittee 6 of ASTM Committee F-1
    Rose A.

    Modular Dopant for Silicon Czochralski Crystals
    Currin C., Smith C.

    The Preparation and Properties of Single Crystals of Aluminum Antimonide
    Burns J., Telk C.

    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP342-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-6211-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6139-9

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