Symposium on Standards for Filament-Wound Reinforced Plastics

    Committee D-20
    Published: 1963

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    Table of Contents

    Perry H.

    Key Properties and Proposed Digital Code System for Glass Fiber Reinforcements for Filament Winding
    Perry H.

    Survey of Methods of Test for Parallel Filament Reinforced Plastics
    Fried N.

    Absolute and Differential Dilatometry for Measurement of Unrestrained Shrinkage on Resin Curing
    Fornof A., Rosen B.

    A Proposed Method for Determining Percentage of Resin Flow in Preimpregnated Roving
    Rubin L.

    A Portable Proximity Probe for Detection of Moisture Within a Laminate
    Outwater J.

    Compression Testing of NOL Rings
    Elkin R.

    Compressive Strength of Parallel Filament-reinforced Plastics: Development of a New Test Method
    Fried N., Winans R.

    The NOL Ring Test as a Method for Selecting Finished Glass Fibers for Reinforcement of Epoxy Pipe
    Pflederer F., Roskos T.

    Compression, Fatigue, and Stress Studies on NOL Ring Specimens
    Barnet Robert F., Karpe S., Kinna M., Mueller C., Perry H., Prosen S.

    Evaluation of Hoop Tension Tests as a Method of Screening Materials for Filament-Winding Application
    Dallas R.

    Research on Wire-Wound Composite Materials
    Marshall D., McGarry F.

    Evaluation of High-Strength-and-Modulus Brittle Materials in Filament and Composite Forms
    Clark W., Gunn K., Talley C.

    Single-End Glass Yarn Tension Test
    Kennedy P., Pirzadeh N.

    A Tension Test Method for Glass Fiber Strands, Yarns, and Rovings (OCF Strand Test)
    Hood J.

    Comparative Evaluation of Methods for Measurement of Hoop Tensile Strength by Means of an NOL Type Filament-Wound Ring
    Channon S., Rubin L.

    Preparation and Testing of NOL Rings from Preimpregnated Rovings
    Brown G., Davis G.

    A Segmented Cylinder Test for Determining Hoop Stress in Composite Structures
    Cole C., Hanley D.

    Developing Standards for Use of Preimpregnated Roving
    Leeds M.

    A Laboratory Scale Filament Winding System to Produce Pressure Vessels Rapidly and Simply
    Outwater J.

    Photoelastic Studies of Filament-Wound Pressure Vessels
    Eshbaugh R.

    Proposed Method of Test for Interlaminar Shear Properties of Sizings and Binders for Secondary Reinforcements Using a Polar-Cut Ovaloidal Specimen
    Perry H.

    ASTM Task Group Round-Robin Testing
    William Davis J.

    Craze Cracking in Glass Filament-Wound Pressure Chambers
    Rawe R.

    Some Nondestructive Tests for Filament-Wound Structures
    Groble K., Gruetzmacher R., Hendron J., McClurg G., Retzky M.

    Corona Detection Techniques as a Nondestructive Method for Locating Voids in Filament-Wound Structures
    Lindsay E., Works C.

    A Television X-ray Image Enlargement System for Non-destructive Testing of Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic Missile Case Materials
    McMaster R., Rhoten M.

    Quality Control Procedures for Rocket Motor Cases: Reinforced Plastic Versus Steel
    Duvall P.

    Use of Lead Glass Fiber Yarns as Tracers in Radiography of Filament-Wound Products
    Perry H.

    Test Methods for Filament-Wound Specimens
    Yurenka S.

    Committee: D20

    DOI: 10.1520/STP327-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5974-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6128-3

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