Field Testing of Soils

    Brown P., Shockley W.
    Published: 1962

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    Table of Contents

    Brown P.

    Field Percolation Tests for Sanitary Engineering Application
    Bendixen T.

    Development and Installation of Piezometers for the Measurement of Pore-Fluid Pressures in Earth Dams
    Daehn W.

    Control of Construction Dewatering by Use of Piezometers
    Gould J.

    Field Tests for Determining Permeability of Soil Strata
    Gass A., Golder H.

    Pile Load Tests and Their Evaluation
    Fletcher G.

    Foundation Problems Related to Ground Surface Subsidence in Mexico City
    Zeevaert L.

    Physical, Stress-Strain, and Strength Responses of Granular Soils
    Burmister D.

    Prototype Load-Bearing Tests for Foundations of Structures and Pavements
    Burmister D.

    Investigation of Landslides by Seismic and Electrical Resistivity Methods
    Trantina J.

    Cut Slope Design and Landslides
    Cedergren H., Smith T.

    Investigation and Correction of Landslides
    Buckingham E.

    Use of Slope Indicator to Measure Movements in Earth Slopes and Bulkheads
    Henderson R., Matich M.

    The Use of Slope Measuring Devices to Determine Movements in Earth Masses
    Wilson S.

    Investigation and Solution of a Landslide Problem Involving a High Transmission Tower
    Holtz W.

    Areal Fill Settlements and Building Foundation Behavior at the San Francisco Airport
    Darragh R., Roberts D.

    Predicting Surface Subsidence from Basic Soil Tests
    Bara J., Gibbs H.

    Subsidence of California Highways
    Cedergren H., Weber W.

    Deep Bench Marks in Clay and Permafrost Areas
    Bozozuk M., Hamilton J., Johnston G.

    Engineering Properties of Ocean Floor Soils
    Smith R.

    Lunar Soil Sampling and Testing
    Azmon E.

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP322-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-6904-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6598-4

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