Materials in Nuclear Applications

    Committee E-10 , Committee D-9 , Committee D-20 , Committee C-21
    Published: 1960

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    Thirty papers cover Radiation Effects and Dosimetry, Post Irradiation Effects in Polymers, Industrial Water for Reactor Use and Ceramics in Nuclear Energy

    Table of Contents

    Calkins V.

    Metz D.

    Handwerk J.

    The Radiochemical Determination of Uranium Burnup
    Sunderman D.

    Recent Developments in Gamma Ray Dosimetry
    Taimuty S.

    Techniques for Measuring Reactor Neutron Spectra
    Trice J.

    Reactor Monitoring by Calorimetry
    Bolt R., Carroll J., Hall K., Klaver R.

    Removal Dose for Monitoring Effects of X-Rays and Gamma Rays
    Hickmott R.

    Dosimetry Nomenclature in the United States
    Tschaeche A.

    Dosimetry in Europe and the USSR
    Guill J., Moteff J.

    Effects of Gamma Radiation on Some Electrical Properties of TFE-Fluorocarbon Plastics
    Loy W.

    Standardization of Terminology for Gamma and Electron Beam Radiation Sources
    Danald G.

    Atomistic Interpretation of Radiation Effects in Metals
    Sosin A.

    Irradiation of Some Pressure-Vessel Steels
    Trudeau L.

    Neutron Radiation Embrittlement at 500 and 650 F of Reactor Pressurf Vessel Steels
    Alger J., Skupien L.

    Dynamic Radiation Effects Testing Methods
    Barrows R., Bauerlein R., Kerlin E., Newell D.

    Radiation Effects in Steel
    Porter L.

    The Significance to ASTM of Postirradiation Effects in Irradiated Materials
    Ballantine D.

    Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Free Radicals in Irradiated Materials
    Wall L.

    Postirradiation Oxidation and Molecular Weight Changes in Polystyrene and Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)
    Binder D., Parkinson W.

    Postirradiation Dielectric Properties of Silicones
    Currin C.

    Postirradiation Effects: Monomers and Polymers
    Caldarella G., Degering E., Mancini M.

    Disposal of Industrial Radioactive Waste Waters at Hanford
    Brown R., Honstead J., Linderoth C., Pearce D., Schwendiman L.

    Determination of Radioactive Materials in Water
    Barker F.

    Some Refractory Uranium Compounds Preparation and Properties
    Snyder M., Tripler A.

    Dry Pressing Ceramic Fuel Elements to Close Tolerances
    Hartwig F.

    Fabrication and Evaluation of Urania-Alumina Fuel Elements and Boron Carbide Burnable Poison Elements
    Taylor K., Wisnyi L.

    Silicon Carbide Clad Graphite Matrix Fuel Elements
    McMurtry C., Taylor K.

    Graphite as a Fuel Matrix
    Riley W.

    Fabrication of U3O8 - Aluminum Dispersion Fuel Elements by Extrusion
    Hymes L., Noland R., Walker D.

    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP276-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5672-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-5671-5

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