Papers on Soils 1959 Meetings

    Committee D-18
    Published: 1960

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    Table of Contents

    Burmister D.

    Sowers G.

    Introduction: Soil Mechanics Progress in 1959
    Converse F.

    Dynamic and Static Resistance of Cohesive Soil 1846–1958
    Housel W.

    The Influence of Rate of Strain on Effective Stresses in Sensitive Clay
    Crawford C.

    A Method for Adjusting Strain-Rates to Obtain Pore Pressure Measurements in Triaxial Shear Tests
    Ellis W., Holtz W.

    Apparatus for Repeated Load Tests on Soils
    Fead J., Seed H.

    Strain-Rate Behavior of Clay and Organic Soils
    Burmister D.

    Automation in Consolidation Testing
    Karol R.

    Time Effects in the Consolidation of Clays
    Leonards G., Ramiah B.

    The Use of Visco-Elastic Stress-Strain Laws in Soil Testing
    Schiffman R.

    History and Development of the Atterberg Limits Tests
    Bauer E.

    Use of a One-Point Liquid Limit Procedure
    Eden W.

    Ohio Adopts the One-Point Mechanical Method for Determining the Liquid Limit of Soils
    Davis H., Joslin J.

    Correlation of Atterberg Limits with Geology of Deep Cores from Subsidence Areas in California
    Johnson A., Morris D.

    Investigations of the Liquid Limit Test on Soils
    Dawson R.

    Liquid Limit Results from Various Types of Grooving Tools
    Mitchell J.

    Recommendations for Changes in the Liquid Limit Test
    Morris M., Spinna R., Ulp R.

    Plastic Limit—Comparison of Cube and Standard Thread Test Methods
    Abdun-Nur E.

    Penetration Tests for Liquid Limit
    Grandolfi M., Sowers G., Vesić A.

    Laboratory and Field Tests of Granular Soil-Cement Mixtures for Base Courses
    Abrams M.

    Powder versus Slurry Application of Lime for Soil Stabilization
    Davidson D., G. N., Sheeler J.

    Improved Determination of Preconsolidation Pressure of a Sensitive Clay
    Crawford C., Hamilton J.

    Measurement of Excess Hydrostatic Pressures in Soils
    Weber W.

    Moisture and Strength Variation in a Thick, Uniform Clay Layer
    Kleiman W., Weber W.

    Repeated Plate-Loading Tests on Compacted Subgrades
    Gordon B.

    Some Laboratory Studies of the Moisture-Density Relations of Soils
    Dawson R.

    On Determination of Dynamic Characteristics of Soil In Situ
    Bernhard R.

    Effect of Temperature on Moisture Contents as Determined by Centrifuge and Tension Techniques
    Johnson A., Prill R.

    Effect of Particle Shape and Texture on the Strength of Noncohesive Aggregates
    Morris H.

    Triaxial Compression Tests on Soils Using Variable Lateral Pressure
    Long R., Meese R.

    Identifying Soils by a Triangle Based on Unified Soil Classification System
    McMinn J.

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP254-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5952-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6106-1

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