Symposium on Nondestructive Tests in the Field of Nuclear Energy

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Nuclear Engineering Division , American Nuclear Society , American Society for Testing Materials , Atomic Industrial Forum , Society for Nondestructive Testing
    Published: 1958

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    Table of Contents

    Symposium on Nondestructive Tests in the Field of Nuclear Energy: Introduction
    McGonnagle W.

    Beck W., Leep R., Ross J.

    Nondestructive Testing in the Nuclear Energy Field
    McLain S.

    Introduction to Eddy Current Methods and Techniques
    Libby H.

    Survey of Ultrasonic Methods and Techniques
    Wenk S.

    Survey of Radiation Techniques
    Tenney G.

    Production Inspection of Pipe and Tubing by the Immersed Ultrasonic Method
    McClung R., Oliver R., White J.

    An Eddy Current Test for Capillary Tubing
    Mannal C., Plant W.

    Inspection of Small Diameter Tubing by Eddy Current Methods
    Allen J., Oliver R.

    A Nondestructive Test for Intergranular Corrosion in Stainless Steel
    Robinson R.

    Two Applications of Eddy Current Instruments to Testing of Zircaloy Core Components
    Betz R.

    The Use of Penetrants for Inspection of Small Diameter Tubing
    Oliver R., Taboada A., Tolson G.

    An Approach to Versatility in Eddy Current Testing
    Edwards P.

    Radiography of Materials Used in the Nuclear Energy Field
    Dutli J., Grimm D.

    Radiography with Thulium Sources
    Campos F., Sidhu S., Zauberis D.

    Measurement of Density of Uranium Metal by Radiation Absorption
    Morris P., Scheuer J.

    Ultrasonic Testing as a Method of Determining Variables in Processing Zircaloy and Hafnium
    Fink E.

    Minimizing the Effect of Probe-to-Metal Spacing in Eddy Current Testing
    Renken C., Waidelich D.

    Reduction of Probe-Spacing Effect in Pulsed Eddy Current Testing
    Waidelich D.

    Eddy Current Measurement of Clad Thickness
    Allen J., Nance R., Oliver R.

    Testing of Cylindrical Fuel Elements with the Cyclograph
    McGonnagle W.

    Nickel Thickness Gage
    Cook L.

    A High Precision Density Times Thickness Gage
    Taylor G.

    Ultrasonic Transmission Tester for Detection of Unbonded Areas
    Leep R., Ross J.

    An Ultrasonic Scanner and Recording System
    Beck W.

    Applications of Lamb Waves in Ultrasonic Testing
    Worlton D.

    Radiography of Fuel Elements and Fuel Materials Using Cesium-137
    Rhoten M.

    Eddy Current Techniques for Testing Liquid Metal Bonding
    McGonnagle W., Renken C.

    Electrode Potential Method of Bond Testing
    Marburger W., McGonnagle W., Monaweck J.

    Nondestructive Bond Inspection Test by Electric Resistance Measurement for Complete Flat-Plate Fuel Element Subassemblies
    Dayton R., Fawcett S., Goldthwaite W., Weaver C.

    Measurement of Cladding Thickness on Uranium by Autoradiography
    Bradley G., Gonzales P., McGonnagle W.

    Radiographic Inspection of Nuclear Core Materials and Components
    Oaks A.

    Techniques for X-Ray Examinations of End-Weld Closures of Cylindrical Fuel Elements
    Sidhu S.

    Helium Leak Detection Techniques
    Pappin W.

    Helium Leak Detector Test for Nuclear Reactor Welds
    Barnes A., Smith F., Wimunc E.

    Nickel Depth Meter
    Libby H., Linsey G.

    Thermal Testing of Reactor Fuel Elements
    McGonnagle W., Monaweck J.

    A Recording X-Ray Photometer
    Plant W.

    Two Methods for Measuring Total Uranium Content in Co-Extruded AlU3O8 Reactor Fuel Plates
    Bradley G., Leverenz E., McGonnagle W.

    Approximate Determination of Enrichment of Reactor Fuel Element Plates with Improvised Gamma Ray Spectrometer
    Bradley G.

    A Nondestructive Method for Fuel Assaying
    Forbes S.

    A Technique for Gamma Radiographic Inspection of Parallel-Plate Fuel Assemblies
    Calkins G., EWBANK N., Pobereskin M., Price R.

    A Panoramic Camera for Inspecting Walls of Deep Narrow Slots
    Cocks G., Schwartz C.

    Committee: E07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP223-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5948-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6102-3

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