Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete-Making Materials

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    Published: 1978

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1—Introduction
    Philleo R.

    Chapter 2—Techniques, Procedures, and Practices of Sampling of Concrete and Concrete-Making Materials
    Abdun-Nur E.

    Chapter 3—Statistical Considerations in Sampling and Testing
    Arni H.

    Chapter 4—Quality in Concrete Testing
    Dise J.

    Chapter 5—Needed Research
    Walker R.

    Chapter 6—The Nature of Concrete
    Powers T.

    Chapter 7—Uniformity and Workability
    Smith D.

    Chapter 8—Making and Curing Concrete Specimens
    Adams R.

    Chapter 9—Setting Time
    Peppler R., Sprouse J.

    Chapter 10—Air Content and Unit Weight
    Bartel F.

    Chapter 11—Petrographic Examination
    Mather K.

    Chapter 12—Strength
    Derucher K.

    Chapter 13—Accelerated Strength Tests
    Wills M.

    Chapter 14—Elastic Properties and Creep
    Philleo R.

    Chapter 15—Nondestructive Tests
    Malhotra V., Whitehurst E.

    Chapter 16—Volume Change
    Sawyer J.

    Chapter 17—Thermal Properties
    Rhodes J.

    Chapter 18—Pore Structure
    Verbeck G.

    Chapter 19—Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel
    Cady P.

    Chapter 20—Corrosion of Embedded Materials Other than Reinforcing Steel
    Erlin B., Woods H.

    Chapter 21—Bond with Reinforcing Steel
    Lutz L.

    Chapter 22—Abrasion Resistance
    Lane R.

    Chapter 23—Resistance to Weathering
    Newlon H.

    Chapter 24—Resistance to Chemical Attack
    Tuthill L.

    Chapter 25—Resistance to High Temperatures
    Smith P.

    Chapter 26—Radiation Effects and Shielding
    Davis H., Polivka M.

    Chapter 27—Air Content and Unit Weight
    Helms S.

    Chapter 28—Cement Content
    Hime W.

    Chapter 29—Ready-Mixed Concrete
    Gaynor R.

    Chapter 30—Lightweight Concrete and Aggregates
    Lewis D.

    Chapter 31—Packaged, Dry, Combined Materials for Mortar and Concrete
    Carter A.

    Chapter 32—Preplaced Aggregate Concrete
    Lamberton B.

    Chapter 33—Petrographic Examination
    Mielenz R.

    Chapter 34—Grading
    Price W.

    Chapter 35—Shape, Surface Texture, Surface Area, and Coatings
    Ozol M.

    Chapter 36—Weight, Density, Absorption, and Surface Moisture
    Mullen W.

    Chapter 37—Porosity
    Dolch W.

    Chapter 38—Abrasion Resistance, Strength, Toughness, and Related Properties
    Meininger R.

    Chapter 39—Thermal Properties
    Cook H.

    Chapter 40—Chemical Reactions Other than Carbonate Reactions
    Diamond S.

    Chapter 41—Chemical Reactions of Carbonate Aggregates in Cement Paste
    Walker H.

    Chapter 42—Soundness and Deleterious Substances
    Dolar-Mantuani L.

    Chapter 43—Mixing and Curing Water for Concrete
    McCoy W.

    Chapter 44—Curing Materials
    Carrier R.

    Chapter 45—Air-Entraining Admixtures
    Klieger P.

    Chapter 46—Mineral Admixtures
    Tuthill L.

    Chapter 47—Chemical Admixtures
    Mather B.

    Chapter 48—Cellular Concrete
    Legatski L.

    Chapter 49—Organic Materials for Bonding, Patching, and Sealing of Concrete
    Schutz R.

    Chapter 50—Pumpability Aids for Concrete
    Valore R.

    Committee: C09

    DOI: 10.1520/STP169B-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4712-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0612-3

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