Reactor Dosimetry: 14th International Symposium

    Vehar David, Selby Douglas, Sparks Mary
    Published: 2012

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    Fifty-seven peer-reviewed papers provide an extensive examination of timely topics in the field of Reactor Dosimetry. Also, two keynote papers address: the energy future and structural materials for innovative nuclear systems.

    Topics cover:
    • Reactor surveillance and plant life
    • Nuclear data, uncertainties, and sensitivity studies
    • Reactor surveillance and retrospective dosimetry
    • Benchmarks and intercomparisons
    • Research/test reactor and accelerator dosimetry
    • Neutron and gamma-ray transport calculations and modelling
    • Experimental techniques, new developments, and optical methods

    Table of Contents

    Reactor Dosimetry and RPV Life Management
    Belousov S., Ilieva K., Mitev M.

    Korean Standard Nuclear Plant Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Program Ulchin 4
    Chen J., Duo J., Fero A., Kim B., Kulesza J., Yoo C.

    Dosimetry Assessments for the Reactor Pressure Vessel and Core Barrel in UK Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Plant
    Allen D., Huggon A., Kekki T., Lipponen M., Picton D., Robinson A., Serén T., Steadman R., Thornton D.

    Comparison of Attenuation Coefficients for VVER-440 and VVER-1000 Pressure Vessels
    Marek M., Rataj J., Vandlik S.

    Ringhals Unit 3 and 4—Fluence Determination in a Historic and Future Perspective
    Efsing P., Green E., Roudén J.

    Dosimetry Analyses of the Ringhals 3 and 4 Reactor Pressure Vessels
    Fero A., Green E., Kulesza J., Roudén J.

    Modernization of Existing VVER-1000 Surveillance Programs
    Erak D., Kochkin V., Makhotin D.

    Exposure Conditions of Reactor Internals of Rovno VVER-440 Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2
    Bukanov V., Diemokhin V., Grytsenko O., Marek M., Pugach S., Vandlik S.

    2010 Review of Neutron and Non-Neutron Nuclear Data
    Holden N.

    Path Forward for Dosimetry Cross Sections
    Griffin P., Peters C.

    A New Technique for Dosimetry Reaction Cross-Section Evaluation
    Badikov S.

    New Work on Updating and Extending the Nuclear Data Standards
    Capote R., Carlson A., Hambsch F., Käppeler F., Lederer C., Mannhart W., Mengoni A., Nelson R., Pronyaev V., Schillebeeckx P., Tagesen S., Talou P., Vonach H., Vorobyev A., Wallner A.

    Uncertainties of Responses Calculated with a “Tuned” Library: Geometrical and Algebraic Insights
    Perel R.

    A New Formulation of the Unified Monte Carlo Approach (UMC-B) and Cross-Section Evaluation for the Dosimetry Reaction 55Mn(n,γ)56Mn
    Capote R., Meghzifene M., Smith D., Trkov A.

    Updating and Extending the IRDF-2002 Dosimetry Library
    Capote R., Pronyaev V., Trkov A., Zolotarev K.

    Uncertainty-Accounted Calculational–Experimental Approach for Improved Conservative Evaluations of VVER RPV Radiation Loading Parameters
    Borodkin G., Borodkin P., Khrennikov N.

    Sensitivity of Adjustment to Parameter Correlations and to Response-Parameter Correlations
    Wagschal J.

    Application of Different Nuclides in Retrospective Dosimetry
    Gleisberg B., Konheiser J., Mittag S., Viehrig H.

    Retrospective Dosimetry Analyses of Reactor Vessel Cladding Samples
    Fero A., Greenwood L., Soderquist C.

    Neutron Flux Reduction Programs for Reactor Pressure Vessel of Korea Nuclear Unit 1
    Kim B., Yoo C.

    A Three-Dimensional Methodology for the Assessment of Neutron Damage and Nuclear Energy Deposition in Graphite Components of Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors
    Allen D., Morgan D., Picton D., Robinson A., Shaw S., Thornton D.

    Dosimetry of the Decommissioned High-Flux Beam Reactor at Brookhaven Lab
    Holden N., Hu J., Reciniello R.

    The Current Status of the Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database (SINBAD)
    Grove R., Gulliford J., Kirk B., Kodeli I., Sartori E.

    VENUS-F: A First Fast Lead Critical Core for Benchmarking
    Kochetkov A., Vittiglio G., Wagemans J.

    Benchmarking of Neutron Production of Heavy-Ion Transport Codes
    Heilbronn L., Remec I., Ronningen R.

    Neutron and Gamma Field Investigations in the VVER-1000 Mock-Up Concrete Shielding on the Reactor LR-0
    Cvachovec F., Egorov A., Kolros A., Mařik M., Ošmera B., Rypar V., Zaritsky S.

    New Measurements and the Associated Unfolding Methodologies to Characterize the Caliban Pulsed Reactor Cavity Neutron Spectrum by the Foil Activation Method
    Authier N., Barsu C., Casoli P., Jacquet X., Rousseau G.

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Fission Basis
    Barr D., Burns C., Chadwick M., Keksis A., Mac Innes M., Meade R., Selby H., Wallstrom T.

    Sensitivity Studies Associated with Dosimetry Experiment Interpretation
    Beretz D., Bourganel S., Destouches C., Ferrer A., Grégoire G., Soldevila M.

    Comparison of Regulatory Guide 1.99 Fluence Attenuation Methods
    Jones E.

    The Power Distribution and Neutron Fluence Measurements and Calculations in the VVER-1000 Mock-Up on the LR-0 Research Reactor
    Švadlenková M., Cvachovec F., Juříček V., Košt'ál M., Rypar V.

    VVER-440 and VVER-1000 Reactor Dosimetry Benchmark—BUGLE-96 Versus ALPAN VII.0
    Duo J.

    Development and Experimental Validatio of a Calculation Scheme for Nuclear Heating Evaluation in the Core of the OSIRIS Material Testing Reactor
    Malouch F.

    Analysis of Gamma-Ray Dosimetry Experiments in the Zero Power MINERVE Facility
    Amharrak H., Bosq J., Carette M., Di Salvo J., Lyoussi A., Masson-Fauchier M., Roche A.

    Jules Horowitz Reactor, a New Irradiation Facility: Improving Dosimetry for the Future of Nuclear Experimentation
    Beretz D., Destouches C., Grégoire G.

    Measurements of Actinide-Fission Product Yields in Caliban and Prospero Metallic Core Reactor Fission-Neutron Fields
    Authier N., Bauge E., Casoli P., Granier T., Laurec J.

    Reactor Pulse-Repeatability Studies at the Annular Core Research Reactor
    DePriest K., Luker S., Trinh T.

    A Feasibility Study to Determine Cooling Time and Burnup of Advanced Test Reactor Fuel Using a Nondestructive Technique and Three Types of Gamma-ray Detectors
    Aryaeinejad R., Navarro J., Nigg D.

    The Neutron Standard Fields at the BR1 Reactor at SCK•CEN
    Borms L., Malambu E., Wagemans J.

    Photon Spectrum behind Biological Shielding of the LVR-15 Research Reactor
    Klupák V., Lahodová Z., Marek M., Viererbl L., Vinš M.

    Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Analysis for Westinghouse 4-Loop XL Pressurized Water Reactor Plant Using 3D Parallel Discrete Ordinates Code RAPTOR-M3G
    Alpan F., Chen J., Fero A., Fischer G.

    A Broad-Group Cross-Section Library Based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Fast Neutron Dosimetry Using the CPXSD Methodology
    Alpan F.

    Development and Testing of the VITAMIN-B7/BUGLE-B7 Coupled Neutron-Gamma Multigroup Cross-Section Libraries
    Dunn M., Miller T., Parks B., Patton B., Peplow D., Risner J., Wiarda D.

    Application of Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Combined with In-core Measurements for Correction of Neutron Source Used for Reactor Pressure Vessel Fluence Calculations
    Borodkin G., Borodkin P., Khrennikov N., Konheiser J.

    Neutron Flux Measurements in the Side-Core Region of Hunterston B Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor
    Allen D., Huggon A., Shaw S., Steadman R., Thornton D., Whiley G.

    Analysis of Dosimetry from the H. B. Robinson Unit 2 Pressure Vessel Benchmark Using -3 and ALPAN
    Fischer G.

    The Fast Neutron Fluence and the Activation Detector Activity Calculations Using the Effective Source Method and the Adjoint Function
    Hep J., Konečná A., Krýsl V., Smutný V.

    A Database-Informed Approach to New Plant Shielding Design
    Lloyd T.

    EPR/PTFE Dosimetry for Test Reactor Environments
    Griffin P., Quirk T., Vehar D.

    CALMOS: Innovative Device for the Measurement of Nuclear Heating in Material Testing Reactors
    Carcreff H.

    Fitting Method for Spectrum Deduction in High-Energy Neutron Field Induced by GeV-Protons Using Experimental Reaction-Rate Data
    Boehnlein D., Hirayama H., Iwase H., Kasugai Y., Lauten G., Leveling A., Matsuda N., Matsumura H., Mokhov N., Nakamura T., Nakashima H., Oishi K., Sakamoto Y., Vaziri K., Yashima H.

    Development of for Inspection of Spent Fuel Pool
    Haghighat A., Ham Y., Sitaraman S., Walters W.

    Design and Testing of a Boron Carbide Capsule for Spectral Tailoring in Mixed-Spectrum Reactors
    Finn E., Friese J., Greenwood L., Metz L., Payne R., Pierson B., Wittman R.

    An Alternative Calibration Method for Counting P-32 Reactor Monitors
    Quirk T., Vehar D.

    New Experimental Proposal for 235U PFNS Measurement to Answer a Fifty Year Old Question
    Grimes S., Kornilov N., Massey T., Voinov A.

    Development of Neutron Measurement in Intense Gamma Field Using New Type of Nuclear Emulsion
    Iguchi T., Ishihara K., Kawarabayashi J., Maeda S., Morishima K., Naka T., Takagi K., Tomita H.

    Development of an Active Detector for the Characterization of the Late-Time Radiation Environment from a Reactor Pulse
    Griffin P., Kolb N., Luker S., Naranjo G., Suo-Anttila A.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1550-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7553-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-7536-5

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