Effects of Radiation on Nuclear Materials: 25th Volume

    Yamamoto Takuya, Sokolov Mikhail, Hanson Brady
    Published: 2013

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    Seventeen peer-reviewed papers focus on the latest research on the effects of radiation on nuclear materials. These papers focus on:

    Light Water Reactor Sustainability Issues and Programs that address the multiple challenges of extended reactor life, including detailed coverage of irradiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel steels.

    Synergistic Effects of Gas Atoms (i.e. helium and hydrogen) and Displacement Damage, with an emphasis on the unprecedented challenge to structural and plasma-facing materials in nuclear fusion reactors.

    Sections cover:
    • Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    • Synergistic effects of Helium and displacement damage
    • Austenitic steels, Ni, Zr, and Al-Mg alloys, and Polyethylene
    • Modeling of Radiation Effects

    Table of Contents

    Long Term Irradiation Phenomena in RPV Steels—The LONGLIFE Project
    Altstadt E., Bergner F., Hein H.

    A Wide-Range Embrittlement Trend Curve for Western Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Kirk M.

    Long Term Irradiation Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels from Two Commercial PWR Plants
    Efsing P., Lundgren M., Rouden J.

    Fracture Mechanics Characterisation of Forged Base Metal Ring of the Decommissioned Reactor Pressure Vessel of NPP Greifswald WWER-440 Unit 4
    Altstadt E., Houska M., Kuechler R., Viehrig H.

    Microstructure Response of WWER-440 Reactor Pressure Vessel Weld Material After Irradiation and Annealing Treatment
    Ballesteros A., Chernobaeva A., Debarberis L., Erak D., Grafutin V., Nikitin A., Rogozhkin S., Zeman A.

    Approach of He/dpa Synergistic Effects in Iron-Based Materials Using JANNUS
    Barbu A., Beck L., Bordas E., Brimbal D., Chaâbane N., Décamps B., Fluss M., Henry J., Hsiung L., Martin H., Meslin E., Miro S., Panigrahi B., Pellegrino S., Robertson C., Schaüblin R., Serruys Y., Trocellier P., Tumey S., Vaubaillon S.

    Modeling and TEM Investigation of Helium Bubble Growth in RAFM Steels Under Neutron Irradiation
    Aktaa J., Dethloff C., Gaganidze E., Svetukhin V., Tikhonchev M., Weiß O.

    Use of MeV Ion Beams to Simulate the Irradiation Effects in Advanced Materials at JANNUS Saclay
    Barbu A., Beck L., Bordas E., Brimbal D., Chaâbane N., Décamps B., Fluss M., Henry J., Hsiung L., Martin H., Meslin E., Miro S., Pellegrino S., Serruys Y., Trocellier P., Tumey S., Vaubaillon S.

    Embrittlement of Nickel Alloys in a CANDU Reactor Environment

    CANDU (CANadian Deuterium Uranium)® is a registered trademark or Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

    Bickel G., Douglas S., Garner F., Griffiths M., Judge C., Stewart M., Walters L., Woo O., Wright M.

    Irradiation Testing of Zirconium Alloys and Stainless Steel in Fast Breeder Test Reactor, India
    Jayakumar T., Joseph J., Kumar P., Murugan S., Raj B., Venugopal S.

    Material Investigations on Highly Irradiated Aluminum Magnesium Alloys for Lifetime Assessment of a Neutron Beam Tube in the BER II Research Reactor
    Hein H., Schnabel H., Welzel S.

    (U)HMWPE as Neutron Radiation Shielding Materials: Impact of Gamma Radiation on Structure and Properties
    Böhning M., Goering H., Jaunich M., von der Ehe K., Wolff D.

    Atomistic Investigations of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Point Defects in bcc Uranium
    Baskes M., Beeler B., Deo C., Okuniewski M.

    Impact of Vacancy-Type Defects on Thermal Conductivity of β-SiC: Molecular Dynamics Versus an Analytical Approach
    Golubov S., Osetsky Y., Samolyuk G., Stoller R.

    A Phenomenological Micromechanical Model of FCC Metals under Radiation Induced Crystal Defects
    Aoyagi Y., Kaji Y., Tsuru T.

    Development of Models for Irradiation-induced Changes to Microstructure and Stress–Strain Relations of Austenitic Steels
    Abe Y., Jitsukawa S., Okubo N., Suzuki K.

    Cluster Dynamics Simulation on Microstructure Evolution of Austenitic Stainless Steel and α-Iron Under Cascade Damage Condition
    Abe Y., Jitsukawa S., Matsui H., Okubo N., Tsukada T.

    Dislocation Bias Calculations in Metals Using a Combined Finite-Element Rate-Theory Approach
    Ghoniem N., Seif D.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1547-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-7563-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-7533-4

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