18th International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering

    Canale Lauralice
    Published: 2012

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    STP 1532 provides 40 peer-reviewed papers that were first presented at the 18th International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Congress.

    Topics cover:
    • Corrosion
    • Cryogenic
    • Diffusion processes
    • Equipments
    • Materials characterization
    • Modeling and simulation
    • New materials
    • Plasma technology
    • PVC and CVD
    • Quenching and quenchants
    • Surface hardening
    • Tribology

    Table of Contents

    Effect of Aluminum Coating by Magnetron Sputtering on Corrosion Resistance of AZ31B Alloy
    Beitz H., Liščić B., Singer S., Yang D., Zhang J.

    Comparison of the Laser and Electron Beam Welding of Steel Sheets Treated by Nitro-Oxidation
    Bárta J., Bártová K., Marônek M.

    The Effect of Prior Tempering on Sub-Zero Treatment to Reduce Retained Austenite
    Stratton P.

    Isothermal Martensite Formation at Sub-Zero Temperatures
    Hansen M., Slycke J., Somers M., Stojko A.

    Microstructural Characterization of an AISI D2 Tool Steel Submitted to Cryogenic Treatment
    Barbosa C., da Silva Farina P., Goldenstein H.

    Interdiffusion Phenomena of Zirconia-Nitride Layers on Coated AISI 310 Steel
    Caruso R., Díaz-Parralejo A., de Sanctis O., Feugeas J., Gómez B., Nachez L.

    Control Strategies for an Inline Cooling Device in Hot Strip Processing of Innovative Steel Materials
    Bülters O., Bian I., Rieger T.

    The Effect of Si on the Precipitates for Nb Bearing High Purity Ferritic Stainless Steel
    Aramaki M., Furukimi O., Honda Y., Ito M., Kato Y.

    Effect of the Thermo-Mechanical Processing Characteristics on the Recrystallization of CuZn34 Brass
    Aguilar M., Campos H., Cetlin P., Corrêa E., Lopes W.

    Impact Properties of Vacuum Heat Treated AISI D2 and 8 % Cr Cold Work Tool Steels
    Arieta F., Beutler U., Ernst C., Netto E., Pannes W., Reguly A., van Soest F.

    Effects of Austenitizing Temperatures on Primary Structure Transformation in Cast High-Speed Steel of M2 Type Inoculated with Powder Additions of W and TiB2
    Úradník P., Boháčik M., Chaus A., Porubský J.

    Bainite Formation at Low Temperatures in High C-Si Steel and its Mechanical Behavior
    Junior J., Pinheiro I., Rodrigues T., Santos D., Viana V.

    Mechanical and Microstrutural Characterization of Weldments of Ferritic Stainless Steel AISI 444 Using Austenitic Stainless Steels Filler Metals
    Antunes P., Barbedo N., Corrêa E., de Oliveira Souza P., Diacenco A., Gonçalves J.

    Modification of NiAl Intermetallic Coatings Processed by PTA with Chromium Carbides
    Brunetti C., D'Oliveira A., Pintaude G., Yano D.

    Morphology of γ′ Precipitates in a First Stage Low Pressure Turbine Blade of a Ni-Based Superalloy after Service and after Following Aging
    Kondo Y., Miura N.

    Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Fatigue Properties of Quenched and Tempered Steel
    Iljkić D., Mrša J., Smoljan B., Traven F.

    Modeling of Hardness of Low Alloy Steels by Means of Neural Networks
    Canale A., Canale L., Penha R.

    Simulation of Austenitization Processes in Fe–C Steels by Coupled Cellular Automaton and Finite Difference Methods
    Karacs G., Roósz A.

    New Cast Iron Alloys with High Wear Resistance at Elevated Temperatures
    Gevelmann G., Theisen W.

    Heat Treatments of Fe-Mn-Si Based Alloys: Mechanical Properties and Related Shape Memory Phenomena
    Baruj A., Druker A., Malarría J., Perotti A.

    Effect of Plasma Nitriding on the Wear and Corrosion Properties of Hastelloy CW2M Alloy
    Casteletti L., Fernandes F., Heck S., Picon C., Totten G.

    Evaluation of Cutting Edges Made of Nanocrystalline Cemented Carbides Sintered by the Pulse Plasma Method
    Kupczyk M., Michalski A., Rosinski M., Siwak P.

    Effect of Gas Pressure on Active Screen Plasma Nitriding Response
    Akamatsu K., Nagatsuka K., Narita R., Nii H., Nishimoto A.

    Evaluation of Plasma Transferred Arc Fe-Al Alloyed Coatings
    D'Oliveira A., Sippel J.

    Ti–Al–Si–C–N Hard Coatings Synthesized by Hybrid Arc-Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering
    Chu P., Ji V., Liu S., Ma S., Wu G., Xu K.

    CVD of Alternated MCD and NCD Films on Cemented Carbide Inserts
    Barquete D., Campos R., Contin A., Corat E., Trava-Airoldi V.

    Effect of Additional Elements on Microstructure and Properties of CrN Coatings
    Bao M., Liang R., Sun H., Xu X., Yu L.

    Influence of Structure on Brittleness of Boron Nitride Coatings Deposited on Cemented Fine-Grained Carbides
    Kupczyk M., Siwak P.

    Impact Wear Performance of Thin Hard Coatings on TiC Cermets
    Mikli V., Sergejev F., Veinthal R., Yaldiz C.

    Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process Using ZinQuench for Processing Advanced High-Strength Steels
    Bleck W., Huber F.

    Dependence of the Heat Transfer Coefficient at Quenching on Diameter of Cylindrical Workpieces
    Beitz H., Liščić B., Singer S., Yang D., Zhang J.

    Effect of Antioxidants on Oxidative Stability and Quenching Performance of Soybean Oil and Palm Oil Quenchants
    Belinato G., Canale L., Totten G.

    Influencing Factors of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Air and Gas Quenching
    Rong Y., Sisson R., Wang G., Xiao B.

    Effect of Cooling Rate During Quenching on the Toughness of High Speed Steels
    Gonçalves C., Haddad P., Mesquita R., Slaviero A., Tschiptschin A.

    Surface Hardening of an AISI D6 Cold Work Steel Using a Fiber Laser
    de Lima M., Goia F.

    Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Wear Properties of Ion Nitrided AISI 316 and 409 Stainless Steels
    Casteletti L., Fernandes F., Heck S., Nascente P., Pereira R.

    Influence of Surface Hardening Depth on the Cavitation Erosion Resistance of a Low Alloy Steel
    Godoy C., Goulart-Santos S., Leyland A., Mancosu R., Matthews A.

    Crack Growth Resistance of Laser Surface Remelted Nodular Cast Iron
    Šturm R., Grum J.

    Adhesion of Thermally Sprayed Metallic Coating
    Camargo F., Maluf O., Manfrinato M., Rossino L., Varavallo R.

    Cracking Resistance and Impact Wear of Thin and Thick Hard Coatings Under Cyclic Loading
    Kulu P., Saarna M., Sergejev F., Sivitski A., Surženkov A.

    Author and Subject Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: D02

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1532-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-9417-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-7518-1

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