Recent Advancement in Concrete Freezing-Thawing (F-T) Durability

    Wang Kejin

    Pages: 188

    Published: 2010

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    Ten peer-reviewed papers focus on new techniques for characterizing and predicting the performance of concrete subjected to freezing-thawing (F-T) cycles. This special issue highlights recent advances in concrete F-T durability.

    Topics cover:
    • New technologies and test methods for characterizing air voids in fresh cement paste and hardened concrete
    • State-of-the art information on F-T durability of special concrete, such as lightweight concrete, engineered cementitious composites, and pervious concrete
    • Effects of void parameters on concrete F-T resistance
    • New test method for determining air entraining agent demand of a concrete mixture
    • Guidance for interpreting F-T test results of field concrete and for reconciling laboratory-based specifications with field experience.

    This new ASTM publication will facilitate significant improvements in concrete void characterization, F-T durability evaluation, and test specifications.

    Committee: C09

    Paper ID: STP1511-EB

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1511-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-8423-7

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-3419-5

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